Top 7 Hosting Companies that Offers web hosting free trial Without Credit Card

In this article, I’m going to give you the top 7 web hosting free trial providers in detail so that by the end of this post you will not have to go anywhere else to finalize your decision over which one to choose.

Choosing web hosting is still a million-dollar question for webmasters. You might have bumped into many free web hosting trial websites but are still confused and annoyed by the fact that they ask for your credit card details to proceed with the trial.

Giving in the credit card details is not safe and it makes us feel vulnerable without testing out the performance of the servers live.

A free web hosting provider usually wants to convince their new customers to sign up for a plan automatically by taking their credit card details. This might increase their accidental or forced conversions but, in the end, it will bag a bad reputation. To avoid this unanticipated outcome from the customers the web hosting providers have started giving free access to their web hosting plans for a specific number of days.

Before I take you on a tour with the top 7 free trial web hosting sites, let me clear you those basic questions that are lingering in your mind since you started reading this article.

What is free trial hosting?

Free trial web hosting is the full access given to web hosting services for a limited period to test or experience their quality of service before they make the actual purchase.

The hosting providers want to prove their confidence by offering the customers a limited period free web hosting trials. This free trial will be offered for 7, 14, and 40 days at most. This time is enough for you to decide if the hosting is the right one for your web hosting needs.

Why pay attention to free trial hosting?

The performance of a website or a web application directly depends on the performance of the server. Why waste money and time just testing a server? And you can’t take risk of making the website or application live at the luck of your server. That’s why you need to pay attention to free web hosting trials.

Register a free account and test your website or application for a few weeks before taking it live.

Moreover, when you are a beginner, it is expensive to buy hosting just by learning how to host a website on a web server. Web hosting with cPanel free trial account will help you learn quicker and practically.

Confused about choosing a free web hosting trial? Don’t be. The following 7 are not just free web hosting providers but are also popular for their quality of services.

Choose the best web hosting free trial that suits your requirements and comfort.

Top 7 Hosting Companies that Offers web hosting free trial Without Credit Card

1. HostGator

hostgator Hosting

Founded small in a dorm room in October 2002 in Florida, HostGator grows its customers exponentially with its affordable hosting plans for its customers. From shared hosting services to a reseller, VPS, and dedicated web hosting services, HostGator expands its business with reliable services and support.

HostGator is popular for its shared hosting plans which are suitable for WordPress. If you are a beginner blogger or a small business owner, HostGator will fulfill your needs with its most affordable web hosting solutions.

Features of HostGator at a glance:

  • Get a free domain and unlimited subdomains with all annual plans selected.
  • Transfer your website for free.
  • Free SSL certification.
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
  • One-click installation on frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • 45-days moneyback guaranteed on services.
  • 24/7 support through phone, chat, and email.
  • Get Unlimited bandwidth
  • Get Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Get unlimited Email accounts (which is rare).

As a beginner, it is not wise to invest your money in a year-long plan. Go for a free 30-day trial web hosting before making a choice. Though HostGator makes a good hosting provider for WordPress websites, the results vary as per individual requirements.

To avoid spammers, HostGator asks you to pay a penny for acquiring a 30-day free trial. You do not need to enter your credit card details here. The penny can be paid through PayPal either. You will be charged in full after the 30 days normally. If you like to continue with this provider, you can grab some lucrative discounts as mentioned below.

2. Cloudways

Cloudways Hosting

Founded on a mission to empower individuals, teams, and businesses, Cloudways focuses on providing high-performance servers with an innovative approach and best-of-breed technologies under the hood.

Cloudways likes to keep things simple in the conduction of business. They believe in a customer-first approach and therefore the services offered are easy to buy and put to work.

It is one of the best cloud hosting providers for individual bloggers, small businesses, and garage-originated brands to start with.

Features of Cloudways at a glance:

  • Simple approach and least restrictions to get started.
  • Worry-free experience with full control over your applications and servers.
  • High performance-focused business model.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Powerful application monitoring.
  • Fastest support turnaround time – just 2 hours at maximum.
  • SSD-based hosting for a performance boost.
  • The auto-restore capability of servers.
  • Free WordPress cache plugin.
  • Free WordPress Magento full-page cache.

Cloudways offers a 1-month free trial web hosting for new users. You can use any promo code to avail of the discount after the 30-day trial period if you wish you continue.

3. Netregistry

With 25 years of experience in the web hosting business, Netregistry is confident and humble enough to offer a free trial hosting for 30 days with no strings attached. Their simple and user-friendly cPanel is the best option to go with if you are new to web hosting.

If you are a newbie who wants to try your hands on a hosting server, Netregistry is your one-stop solution. No credit card details asked, no penny payments, and trial access to cPanel and email servers make it stand as the #1 web hosting choice in Australia.

Netregistry has a huge customer base of 500,000 businesses from Australia itself. The features entitling it as #1 choice are as follows:

Features of Netregistry at a glance:

  • Certified partner to cPanel.
  • Noob-friendly interface.
  • Multiple domains, emails, and database easy management panel.
  • Free website builder

Netregistry also provides a 30-day trial web hosting for all its new users. You can choose to back down after 30 days without any conditions or restrictions.

4. AccuWeb Hosting

With more than 17 years of experience in the business of web hosting and 55,000 web hosting accounts, AccuWeb Hosting offers all typical types of hosting services including shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated server hosting to its customers. It offers both Linux and Windows hosting options for the customer to choose from, as per his needs.

This web hosting company focuses on giving the best suitable web hosting resources to clients. So, don’t worry about the suitability of the service you are picking from them.

On that note, let’s take a look at the features of AccuWeb Hosting.

Features of AccuWeb Hosting at a glance:

  • Windows Server 2012 OS-based servers.
  • Dual Xeon E5 & E7 series servers.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization.
  • Remote desktop protocol & full root access to customers.
  • 1Gbps port speed.
  • Unlimited domain handling capacity
  • No ads or banners despite being a 30-day trial account.
  • No credit card commitment is needed.
  • Complimentary backups.
  • Web-based VPS management panel.

AccuWeb provides a free 30 days trial web hosting for all new users without asking for any credit card details or any penny payments.

5. Interserver

Interserver Hosting

Being one of the oldest web hosting companies, Interserver lets you try their hosting service for just a penny. Like Netregistry, Interserver also holds an experience of two decades in the business of web hosting for different generations.

It offers four types of hosting plans, cloud web hosting, VPS, quick servers, and dedicated servers. The quality of the service, and the quick technical support awarded it the best 24/7 support-giving company.

Let’s check what this twenty-one-year-old web hosting business has to offer you.

Features of Interserver at a glance:

  • 30 days guaranteed money-back promise.
  • Price lock guarantee. Buy at a price and pay the same for a lifetime during renewals.
  • Industry-leading reliability of service and content delivery.
  • Unlimited storage and data transfer.
  • Host unlimited websites.
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Award-winning 24/7 support.
  • cPanel web hosting (even in the free trial period).

Interserver, just like HostGator, to avoid spam registrations asks for a penny to try out a 30-day free web hosting trial. I believe it’s worth a shot.

6. Lithium Hosting

Being in the industry for about 14 years and loved by individuals, bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs, and businesses, Lithium Hosting is so confident in its services by offering a WordPress hosting free trial no credit card for 30 days.

What I liked about Lithium Hosting is the honesty about their uptime. Unlike other web-hosting providers, they honestly admit that they provide only 99.8% uptime in a year comparatively 0.1% less than the industry normal. That means the average downtime of 40 minutes might extend to a few more minutes on the whole in a year.

The services offered are so transparent and no hidden conditions are imposed on your chosen plans.

The customer-oriented business approach is what keeps them alive in the industry. Let’s see what they got.

Features of Lithium Hosting at a glance:

  • One-click software installation facility.
  • 99.8% uptime though they strive to achieve 99.999%.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee which is amazing.
  • Free migration tools with just a few clicks.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Supports technologies like Python, Ruby, and PHP.
  • 24/7 fast support.
  • Customized cPanel called ‘LiPanel hosting panel’ with an easy-to-use interface.

Lithium Hosting gives a free 30-day trial web hosting for all its new users. If you are a noob getting started with web hosting, try Lithium Hosting too.

7. Hostinger

Named as one of the most affordable and fastest web hosting services, Hostinger offers plans for even $0.99 per month. With a mission to power up millions of people with the internet and access to learn, create, and grow, the company brings its cheapest and most affordable solutions to the plate.

This 17-year-old company has 29 million users as of now which is enough to vouch for the quality of the services offered by the company.

Who wouldn’t want to buy cheap and reliable hosting? But what’s actually attracting people to choose Hostinger? Let’s see.

Features of Hostinger at a glance:

  • Free domain on all annual plans.
  • Free SSL certification.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data.
  • Powerful control panel for overall access of the application.
  • 24/7 support
  • Cheapest WordPress hosting solution.

Despite offering the cheapest yearly plans, Hostinger offers a 30-day free web hosting trial for all its new users before buying an actual plan.


Confusion in selecting a web hosting service from a company is always inevitable for both beginners and experts. You cannot decide anything by looking at the specifications and features on paper.

Be it a Windows hosting free trial or WordPress hosting free trial, you got to try a few shortlisted best free web hosting services for a while and decide how it works. Hope you find the abovementioned list of 7 web hosting services web hosting free trial is useful in shortlisting your server as per your website or application requirements.

Can I get free web hosting?

Of course, you can. The competition in businesses has led to the fair practice of offering web hosting free trials by companies to prove their quality of services.
You can choose one of the top 7 free web hosting trials from the above list to get started with.

How can I host my own website for free at home?

Signup for any of the above top 7 free hosting trial services and get started with the free cPanel to host your website. Check cPanel basics if you are a newbie.

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