Hosting Review – Is It Best Managed WordPress Hosting?

In this post, I am going to review OnRocket aka Rocket hosting review in detail, which I have been using for the last 1 year now. When it’s come to hosting. You might have heard of the 3s rule:

  • Speed 
  • Security 
  • Support 

Believe it or not, web hosting is often overlooked by bloggers, and decisions are based on money and budget. 

You might not have any idea how much money you’re leaving on the table by the rigidity of your budget hosting. 

A super-fast (over-budget) Premium Managed WordPress hosting can improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which leads to better ranking and more visitors i.e. more sales to your business websites. 


What if I told you, hosting loads your Blog or website ultra-fast with global CDN without any configuration? Would you be interested in learning more?

If you’ve said yes, then in this hosting review post you’ll learn why this hosting can be a GREAT fit for your website. 


Let’s dive in. 

A Quick Overview of Rocket Hosting

WP Rocket Hosting is an all-in-one Fully Managed WordPress hosting solution company founded by CEO Ben Gabler wordpress hosting platform was founded in 2020 for website or blog owners with individual, small business, or agency plans to keep a goal of faster websites in mind.

And competing with the popular giants in the fast WordPress managed hosting markets like Bluehost, cloudways, kinsta, WPX, and WP Engine

Unlike other best WordPress hosting platforms,’s site is completely cloud-based, optimized, and backed by Cloudflare. 

And, WP installs are delivered as quickly and securely as possible with built-in CDN and WAF.

But why and not other hosting providers? 

If you have a website that generates tons of traffic a month (and revenue) then you’ll need a super fast and responsive hosting solution that loads quickly anywhere in the world. 

And can be a good option for that.

Let’s take a closer look at the Rocket hosting review and its features and Rocket hosting Pricing. 

Key Features of Hosting

Blazing Fast Speed

Gone are the days of internet explorer when websites used to load after 5 minutes and users were still waiting to load. (PS – at that time people had no choice)

But today, If your website is not loading within a couple of seconds, you’ve lost it. Users will leave without thinking. 

Yesterday, I was surfing about some random stuff (I know it’s silly) and encountered this ultra SLOW website and I subconsciously left that website without a second thought. 

How can we expect our website visitors to stay back until it loads? It just clicked in my mind and thought why not share this experience? 

In those days of internet explorer there was no fast internet or 4g’s but now do and users are so addicted to quick information. 

To hold your visitor you need your website to load quickly and for that, you’ll need a powerful hosting solution. 

Poor hosting will not just repel your visitor but it’ll harm your SEO and Google will have no option but to de-rank you. 

And it doesn’t matter how well you optimize your website if the hosting server SUCKS! Your website’s never gonna load faster. 

And guess what, has super-sonic servers which will help your site speed to load super quickly. offers you a robust server stack that sorts out content more rapidly than any other server and runs on PHP version 7.4 for SPEED LOADING YOUR WEBSITE.

In fact, one of my websites hosted on loads within a second.

And here is the result.

Overall, is truly an ultra-fast loading hosting solution that can do wonders.

Outstanding Website Uptime

Never let your website go down, if it shows some symptoms, cure it ASAP or lose potential customers or revenue. 

For those who don’t know the concept of UPTIME and DOWNTIME, let me illustrate.

Uptime is the time when the website or web service is open and can be used by users to get the information they want on servers. 

The goal of any website is to have 100% uptime i.e. available for service 24/7. But we consider 99.99% as the highest uptime availability.

On the other hand, Downtime is the time of a website when there is no service available for your user, they can’t read your blog or purchase a product or service, or sign up. 

Downtime is the time you don’t want on your website. 

However, downtime is just a small amount of time when the server goes down, but it can take away your potential client or revenue from the table. 

You’ll have 99.99% uptime using hosting to your website i.e. the maximum uptime available so that your website visitor never sees an error message and leaves. 

And It’ll be very rare that your website goes down. 

User Interface and Ease of Use

If you’d ask me, using is easy and appealing even if you’re not a tech nerd like me or you have no experience with hosting ever.

The Client area or the WordPress dashboard is pretty simple, all it contains is the data of your plan, disk usage, number of visitors, and bandwidth usage. And a place where you can create a site or connect it. 

Once you’ve connected your site domain you’ll land on a CPanel page. 

Control on CPanel is very much easy as there is no complexity. Plus, you can manage plugins, themes, and backups right from CPanel. 

There are no complications in terms of using as I told you that you don’t have to be a tech nerd as support from the rocket net team is 24/7 which we’ll discuss below. 

Highly Secured

The online world is full of malicious activities, tools, and threats that might harm your website. 

You don’t want that, right? (PS – I’m not scaring you) 

It’s just a fact… And you want your website to be protected from any form of such threats. 

Firstly, the most secure wordpress hosting contains a global web firewall (which is powered by Cloudflare enterprise) that blocks malicious threats before you install WordPress. 

Secondly, prevents your website from brute force and weak passwords i.e. from hackers. 

Lastly, you pay no additional price for malware scanning on your website and automatically remove it.

If you’re entering into the blogging industry, SSL is necessary for your site not just for SEO purposes but for building trust with your users. 

Moreover, provides you with a free SSL certificate that secures your website. 

However, most of the hosting providers provide FREE SSL, still, you can save a few bucks with

Full-page caching 

Full-page caching is a method that helps you boost your website load speed. 

For those who have no idea about page caching here’s a brief explanation – 

When you ask a question google and go to any website. The general process is you ask the server and it reverts back to you and with no CDN it takes time. 

But when you have CDN (global services) the first time a user visits your website, the CDN caches the data (cache miss) and might take some time. But the next time a user visits your website, the page loads very quickly. That’s how full-page caching works. 

Since is powered with Cloudflare it – 

  • Loads pages quickly 
  • Eliminates malicious traffic 
  • Limits the use of bandwidth by 50% to 60%. 

Website Migration

If you’re not happy with your current WordPress hosting company (which I see you’re, that’s why you’re here). It’s time for you to change it. Right? 

Doesn’t matter if you’re running a single website or multiple, changing your hosting service is EASY PEASY with 

Using, you can migrate your site in 2-3 hours and make sure that data is transferred through testing, evaluating, performing, and cleanup. I know it’s not that SIGNIFICANT speed but it’s better than most of the other service providers who take days to transfer. 

At times, you might feel stuck while migrating your website (headache techie process). 

And you might seek help from the team. 

Team Rocket is ready 24/7 awesome support to rescue your free wordpress migrations and land on the planet safely. 

Customer Support

Customer support is a very important factor that plays a significant role in selecting a hosting provider. 

I’ve been in the blogging industry for a long time. And tried and tested many different managed wordpress hosting providers. 

Some were really worth appreciating and some were horrible. 

And if you look at the common thing that most successful hosting service providers have – it will be customer support. 

And if you’d ask me I’ll say customer support of the team is really GREAT! Currently, they are providing customer support over live chat and email tickets.

And the best part is – you can even directly reach out to the founders (Ben & Aaron) of Rocket Hosting. To test out the customer support of, I’ve tried to reach out to their support team via live chat.

And they responded to my query literally within a few seconds and were able to solve my issue in no time. Hosting Pricing

Here comes an interesting part, the PRICING OF ROCKET hosting. 

Rocket comes with 4 different flexible pricing plans:

  1. Starter plan 

If you have a single website, a starter plan is the best fit for you as it is made for single website owners or solo bloggers. 

Features of the starter plan 

  • wordpress install – 1 
  • Storage – 10GB 
  • Visits – 250,000
  • Free CDN, SSL, and WAR 

Pricing of starter plan – $30/month (bills monthly) 

If you bill annually you pay – $25/month 

  1. Pro plan 

The pro plan is best suited for you if you run multiple WordPress websites (2 to 3 WordPress sites). 

Features of pro plan 

  • WordPress installs – 3 
  • Storage – 20GB 
  • Visits – 1,000,000
  • Free CDN, SSL, and WAR 

Pricing of starter plan – $60/month (bills monthly) 

If you bill annually you pay – $50/month 

  1. Business plan 

Again, the Business plan is basically for multiple site owners but this time the number increases to 10 WordPress sites. 

Features of pro plan 

  • WordPress installs – 10
  • Storage – 40GB 
  • Visits – 2,500,000
  • Free CDN, SSL, and WAR 

Pricing of starter plan – $100/month (bills monthly) 

If you bill annually you pay – $83/month 

  1. Agency plan 

If you’re a digital marketing agency and have multiple clients with a user base of 20-25 you can get an agency plan that comes with ample resources. 

Features of pro plan 

  • wordpress installs – 25
  • Storage – 50GB 
  • Visits – 5,000,000
  • Free CDN, SSL and WAR 

Pricing of starter plan – $200/month (bills monthly) 

If you bill annually you pay – $166/month 

I know what you’re thinking, WOAH THE PRICES ARE SO HIGH! Right? But still, I think the price is justified by the quality of services they provide. 

Still not convinced?

What if I told you that you only have to pay $1/month!? 

Yes! has released a no-brainer offer of $1/month as their launch special! GET THE DEAL BEFORE YOUR COMPETITOR DOES. 

Don’t like the plan? 

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee in all plans so you’re on the safe side. 

Pros and Cons of Rocket Hosting


  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime in every plan. 
  • Free SSL certificate, CDN & WAF in all plans.
  • More than 20 different global server locations.
  • hassle-free site migration.
  • Secure your site from malware and hackers. 
  • Google font optimized. WordPress
  • automatically backups your site daily. 
  • 24/7 live chat rescue support. 


  • Works only on WordPress 
  • Limited users 
  • Quite expensive for a newbie 


If you’re looking for a super-fast host for your website, rocket WordPress hosting could be the best choice for you.

But still, I think if you’re a newbie and just getting started in your blogging journey, might be a pretty expensive managed wordpress hosting for you. 

But if you have multiple WordPress websites which are generating traffic and revenue you surely need to invest in rocket hosting. 

I hope this review helped you make a decision. If it does, do let me know in the comment section and share this with your friend who’s looking for a fully managed wordpress hosting for agency.

(Sharing is caring 🙂 

Is Rocket a trusted site?

Yes, Rocket is a trusted site to manage and host your blogs.

Which hosting is best for WordPress?

Rocket and Bluehost will be the best pick for you if you are looking for professional hosting providers.

Which WordPress hosting is fastest?

Rocket is the fastest WordPress hosting, considering its increased performance and enhanced bandwidth.

What is a managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a web hosting service specially optimized for WordPress websites. Essential tasks here include automatic updates, daily backups, enhanced security, etc.

What is managed WordPress hosting vs regular hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting specializes in WordPress sites, offering automatic updates and dedicated support. On the other hand, regular hosting is generic and requires manual updates and management.

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