Namecheap Coupon Codes 2023: GRAB 70% OFF Discount

 In terms of quality and affordability, Namecheap hosting clearly stands out. Fast loading speeds, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service have made Namecheap Hosting extremely popular.  The company is not only well known for hosting solutions but also for cheap domain registrations, SSL, and VPN.  If you are considering  Namecheap, then this article can be an optimal deal saver for you. Because in this post,  I am going to share a lot of Namecheap Coupon codes 2023 to help you save money on Namecheap hosting promo code cheap services. So without any further delay let’s dive into this article.

Namecheap Discount Coupon Codes 2023 –

Let’s look at these Namecheap Coupon codes that will help you get a discount on your Namecheap subscription

Namecheap Coupon codes Monthly –

Namecheap provides fresh coupons for its users every month. You can use these coupons to register new domains or you can buy other products at lower prices. As this coupon code changes every month, you must visit their website at least once a month to take advantage of the offers. 


To get a domain for 99 cents, you need to use the coupon code “99SPECIAL” and you will receive a discount on .store, .xyz, .link, etc. Register your first domain for a discounted price by using this Namecheap domain promo code 2023.


 Using this Namecheap promo code 2023, you are eligible for free domain registration and a free hosting migration if you are migrating from another hosting provider. 

This coupon can be really useful if you are signing up for the first time.


Many people use professional mail IDs for their business websites so that they will give a more professional look to their business. if you are signing up for a professional business email, then this Namecheap promo code can give you a discount of 35%. 


Using this coupon, you will get a multi-domain SSL and SSL security certificate with your subscription. SSL adds an extra layer of security to your website so it can stay safe from any kind of outside attack.


If you have already selected Namecheap as your hosting service provider and you are planning to buy a .com domain, then you can use the coupon code “NEWCOM598” to get a 32% discount on your first.COM domain purchase. This coupon code is valid up to 2nd September 2022.


When you use this coupon, you’ll save money on any .com domain transfer to Namecheap. Use the coupon code “TRANSFERCOM” to transfer your .com domain for only $5.98. This coupon is valid until September 16th and can be used to get a massive discount on your first domain registration. 

Discounts on VPN Plans – 68% OFF

Save flat 68% on Namecheap VPN plans using this exclusive promo code. If you use this VPN coupon code, you can get 68% OFF during the checkout process.

For this promotion code, click on the “Activate Button” below and select the VPN plan you wish to purchase. All users are eligible to use this coupon code.

Additionally, if you purchase the all-in-one package deal of shared hosting, you will receive 45% off on your order. This discount is directly available on the official website of Namecheap, so you don’t have to use any coupon code. The offer is valid for all stellar plans, including stellar plus and stellar business.

 If you are also planning to start your own hosting service business, then you can get their Nebula Reseller Hosting plan for just $19.88/month.  This is an amazing opportunity because you can begin your own hosting business at such a small cost. Namecheap’s official website makes this offer available, so there is no need for a coupon code. 

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How To Apply Namecheap Promo code 2023?

In order to use the promo code mentioned above, you must first visit the Namecheap official website.

After you visit the official website, you must select a platform and plan that matches your needs.

Once you’ve selected these two options, you’ll have to click the next button.

In the next step, you will enter the name of a valid domain and after configuring the domain name, you will be taken to the order checkout.

Click on the button that says “Create Account” at the bottom of the page to give you access to your account.

You will need to paste the promo code here at checkout to receive the discount on the hosting package.

Once you have done this, you will need to select a proper payment method, fill out your personal information, and finally, with these Namecheap hosting coupons you can often find a really cheap price for the hosting.

Confused about which plan to select from Namecheap! There is nothing to worry about! To make it easier for you, I have explained each and every plan clearly. All you have to do is keep reading and choose the ideal hosting solution for you.

Introduction to Namecheap Hosting –

In 2023, almost everyone has a website that they use to sell products or to display their talents.  The ideal website requires reliable hosting along with fast loading times and customer service that lets you easily maintain the website.  

Namecheap is a hosting service provider which was started in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. First, Namecheap specialized in domain registration. After gaining customers’ trust, it quickly became one of the most trusted hosting service providers in the world. 

They have unbeatable customer service, first-class support, and a secure data protection pledge. That’s what makes Namecheap great.

 At the moment I am writing this article, the company has more than 11 million clients and more than three million domain names.

They also offer hosting solutions, domain names, SSL at reasonable prices. Thus, this is the most economical and fastest hosting service in the market. 

Namecheap also has very good reviews on the internet, and many customers would prefer it over any other hosting service.

Key Features of Namecheap –

  • Personalized and customer-oriented approach.
  • Domain privacy protection.
  • Provide an average of 97% uptime.
  • Free Domain and Website Migration.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The basic plans of each type of hosting provide great value for money.
  • Quick loading time (Average of 458 ms).
  • SSD Storage.
  • Quick and reliable customer support service.
  • Free CDN integration.
  • Three data centers all around the world.
  • Website builder.
  • Free SSL certificates with all their plans.
  • No aggressive sales promotion.
  • Cpanel

Types of Hosting Services Provided By Namecheap –

Shared Hosting –

Shared hosting allows you to share a server with other websites. This is the most common and cheapest type of hosting service that one could possibly get, but the main disadvantage of this type of hosting is that if one website on the server uses much more processing power than another, it delays the process for other websites on that server. 

If you are just starting a new website, and you are on a tied budget, you should go for shared hosting because it is the cheapest one.  Namecheap shared hosting plan starting from Rs 117.34/month. There are three shared hosting plans available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

WordPress Hosting – 

WordPress website owners can enjoy the benefits of this particular hosting service. If you are a WordPress user, then this hosting plan is specially made for you. Namecheap’s WordPress hosting plan starts at Rs 288.15/month. 

Any WordPress user seeking a fast, reliable hosting service provider can choose Namecheap because they offer a smooth hosting experience at a low price. They have three different WordPress hosting plans and you can choose any one of these plans according to your needs.

Dedicated Hosting –

Dedicated hosting is where your website resides on a single server all by itself. So, if your website faces sudden traffic growth, it can instantly handle the traffic load. You can use all the resources on the server because that particular server is dedicated only to your website. 

People who own a large company or an organization can use this Namecheap Dedicated hosting service. This type of hosting is the costliest on the entire spectrum of hosting services. The dedicated hosting plan is starting from $49.88/month. This hosting plan also offers three types of hosting, so you can choose one of them based on your individual requirements.

VPS Hosting 

VPS, also known as virtual private server hosting, is characterized by very few websites that reside on the same server as your website. 

The main advantage of this type of hosting is scalability. Namecheap’s VPS hosting is starting from Rs 510.95/month. Namecheap offers three VPS plans available, you can choose the plan that is best for you.

Reseller Hosting

 When it comes to starting your own hosting company, Namecheap offers you a low-cost way of getting started. 

Reseller hosting helps you to start your own hosting business so you can provide hosting services to other users. Namecheap Reseller hosting plans start at Rs 1476.41 a month, which is a really good price and you also have two other options to pick from.

Benefits of Choosing NameCheap –

  • More than 20 years of experience in the hosting business.
  • Free website migration.
  • Easy registration and setup process.
  • Domain names at a very cheap price.
  • Provides decent website speed for its users.
  • Reliable hosting service at the time of need.
  • Provide regular website data backup options.
  • No aggressive promotion.

Cons of Namecheap –

  • Configuring the SSL seems to be a bit difficult process and you may need the assistance of customer support to set it up.
  • Some important features are buried very deep inside the Dashboard.
  • No Customer Support Service Via Phone Call.
  • The price of the reseller hosting plan is pretty high.
  • Not the cheapest hosting service provider available in the market.

Final Thoughts –

Last but not least, Namecheap is a fast, reliable, and good value hosting company with very reasonable entry-level plans. Their customer support team is excellent and always ready to assist you.

In addition to its reasonable prices, it offers additional discounts through its coupons that allow you to get your hosting service for a lower price. 

If you are a student or someone who is just starting out on a new blogging site or e-commerce site and are looking for an affordable and reliable hosting provider, then Namecheap is the best for you. And by using Namecheap promo codes you will be able to enjoy Namecheap services at quite cheap.

Does Namecheap provide an uptime guarantee?

Yes. The Uptime Guarantee provided by Namecheap is 99.9%. If your downtime falls below that threshold, they will give you extra hosting time. In other words, they will compensate you for your downtime with more hosting time.

Can Namecheap Handle a Certain Brust of Traffic?

It has more than enough resources to handle a certain burst of traffic. The Namecheap shared hosting plan can also handle a lot of traffic. 
It is most likely more efficient to stick with the VPS plan if you expect to receive more frequent bursts of visitors.

Does Namecheap offer a Monthly Payment Option?

Namecheap offers both monthly and yearly payment options on all their plans. 

How Can I Get Namecheap Hosting for Free?

You cannot get Namecheap hosting for free; however, if you want to try it out before buying, you can do that by signing up for their 30-day free trial. You don’t have to make any commitments or pay anything in advance. Buying their service/plans is a matter of choice. If you are searching for Webhosting companies that offer free trials! Here are the Top 7 Hosting Companies that offer free trials without credit card

Can you get a free domain with Namecheap?

Yes, you can get a free domain with all their plans but the domain is free for only the first year and after that, you will have to pay for that domain. 

What is the best plan for NameCheap?

As someone on a budget, shared plans may be a good choice, while if you manage a large corporation and are expecting a lot of traffic on your website, a dedicated plan may be the best choice.

Is there any money-back guarantee with Namecheap?

With Namecheap, you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their yearly plans, so if you don’t like the service, you can get your full money back without deductions. This is a great feature, as you can try out the service and if you dislike it, you can get your entire fee back.

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