How to Choose the Best Cloudways Hosting Plan for Your Website

Choosing the right web hosting provider is essential for the success of your website. Your server has an impact on the security, performance, and availability of your website. You may not be able to grow and attract repeat visitors if you choose the wrong plan or web host. Here’s where Cloudways Hosting comes to the rescue.

Cloudways is a great choice when it comes to hosting websites or blogs.

It uses a unique approach to hosting, making it an outlier in the hosting world. With Cloudways, you can choose among five different cloud hosting providers instead of using their own infrastructure, and it doesn’t end here. There are more of them!

Below we have curated a comprehensive Cloudways review that will help you determine if the popular hosting provider meets your needs.

Best Cloudways Hosting Plan for Your Website

I. Understand Your Website’s Requirements

Each business has its own website needs. The fact that you are considering a web hosting provider, such as Cloudways, means you understand your business’s website can benefit from long-term strategies. For instance, a web hosting service must offer cart functionality if you operate an eCommerce store and Cloudways will do that for you.

Cloudways is the leading provider of managed cloud hosting. The platform is the first choice for 90,000+ SMBs,

  • Agencies,
  • Developers, and
  • E-commerce businesses hosting 1M+ websites

As a scalable & affordable hosting company with expert support, Cloudways reviews show its credibility.

Moreover, you can choose from 3 cloud providers (DigitalOcean, GCE, AWS, etc.) to host unlimited websites (WordPress, PHP, etc.) according to your specific website’s requirements.

II. Types of Cloudways Hosting Plans

With Cloudways’ DigitalOcean plans, you can start hosting for as little as $14 per month.

Your choice of cloud provider is up to you. Choose from an array of providers like Amazon, EC2, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Linode, or Vultr to meet your needs. Additionally, you can get a 3-day free trial on DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr hosting providers with no credit card required. 

It may seem like a limited amount of time, but we believe it is sufficient to test out all the features and functions of Cloudways and decide if you want to buy it. 

It is the price and reliability that make the biggest difference between all five providers. With nearly unlimited bandwidth for your websites and minimal costs, DigitalOcean, VULTR and Linode, and are excellent choices for developers.

You will likely pay more each month if you opt for Amazon and Google’s pay-as-you-go bandwidth, but you won’t have to worry about being blocked, since you’re paying for each resource you use.

Cloudways Hosting Plan

III. Performance and Scalability

A faster webpage load time, 99% uptime, and over 10X the number of visits at half the cost? Yes, that’s true. When compared to managed hosts such as SiteGround, Kinsta & WPEngine, Cloudways’ unique, optimized stack instantly improves site speed & uptime.

When your site grows or traffic spikes, your pages won’t load slowly. If you need more resources, Cloudways allows you to scale up easily.

IV. Cost Considerations

Pricing structure of Cloudways hosting plans

Your Cloudways price depends on the cloud hosting provider you select and the resources of your server.

It is generally cheaper to buy the $14 entry-level DigitalOcean server, which already provides exceptional performance. With our Cloudways coupon, you can save even more.

There is no separate charge for cloud hosting. It is both the Cloudways charges and the underlying cloud hosting costs that are included in the Cloudways price.

How to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of different plans based on your website’s needs

A key point to keep in mind is that the total cost is usually a multiple of the price of the underlying hosting. For example, DigitalOcean’s plans look like this:

Total price – It includes both Cloudways and the underlying fee. Your monthly payment will be this amount.

DigitalOcean price – You can buy an unmanaged VPS directly from DigitalOcean for this price.

Implied Cloudways fee – Cloudways’ service fee is included in this total price (net of DigitalOcean price).

Tier (RAM)Total priceDigitalOcean priceImplied Cloudways free
1 GB$10$5$5
2 GB$28$10$18
4 GB$55$20$35
8 GB$99$40$59

Cloudways offers affordable servers with low resources. In the case of the entry-level server (which is sufficient for most websites), Cloudways offers excellent value since it only costs $5 per month to manage your DigitalOcean server through them.

V. Security and Backup Options

Security features provided by Cloudways

  • Login security
  • Database security
  • SSL Certificates
  • Operating system’s security
  • GDPR compliance
  • End-to-End Encryption and more

Backup and restore options available for website data protection

Cloudways makes it easy to restore your data. It is a great benefit to be able to restore your website after problems occur.

You do not need to manually restore servers hosted on Cloudways. Cloudways uses dedicated servers instead of shared servers to store your data in the cloud. As a result of your backup schedule, you can restore your system at any time. Your server’s stats will be tracked automatically by Cloudways so that it can be run as efficiently as possible.

You will be able to restore your server from the most recent backup point if a problem is detected. By doing this, you avoid having to troubleshoot the problems.

VI. Server Locations and Content Delivery

A server’s physical location is one of the most important factors in determining how quickly your website loads.

Cloudways have a choice of over 65 data centers across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia, so you can always find the data center that suits your needs.

Currently, there are five different cloud providers for you to choose from. These data centers are available depending on which cloud provider you choose. In the case of Digital Ocean, you can select any data center from their list

A server’s physical location is one of the most important factors in determining how quickly your website loads.

Cloudways have a choice of over 65 data centers across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia, so you can always find the data center that suits your needs.

Currently, there are five different cloud providers for you to choose from. These data centers are available depending on which cloud provider you choose. In the case of Digital Ocean, you can select any data center from their list.

Cloudways’ server location options and content delivery network (CDN) integration

Here are the steps on how you can do it:

Move to Cloudways CDN

  • First, access your Cloudways Platform with your credentials.
  • Go to the Servers menu in the top menu bar.
  • You will then need to choose the server on which you will deploy your desired application.
  • Then, click on www.
  • You need to choose a name for your application.
  • Select CloudwaysCDN from the Application Management menu.

Enable CloudwaysCDN

  • The URL of your entire Website, along with HTTPS protocol and any prefixes, such as www., need to be entered.
  • Click Create to complete the process.
  • It’s that simple! Your application has been set up with CloudwaysCDN successfully. Lastly, you will have to integrate the CloudwaysCDN into your website.

Integrate CloudwaysCDN

Now, tap ‘Apply’ under Application Integration.

It’s done! Your WordPress application has been integrated with CloudwaysCDN successfully.

VII. Choosing the Best Cloudways Hosting Plan

You can choose the most suitable hosting plan for their website by properly estimating the cost, ideas, and period, whether you want to buy a hosting plan for the long or short term. All these factors help determine the right Cloudways hosting plan.

Using Cloudways, you will be able to run your website smoothly and efficiently thanks to its comprehensive features including

  • Best performance
  • Scalability
  • Updated server technologies
  • Restore and backups
  • Free migration
  • Good pricing
  • 24×7 customer support

VII. Customer Support and User Reviews

Cloudways user reviews

The Cloudways support team can be a bit tricky to deal with. There is nothing wrong with Cloudways’ support, but you should be aware that it isn’t as comprehensive as support at another host, especially managed WordPress hosting sites.

Cloudways platform is powered by your hosting server by default. There will certainly be someone from Cloudways to assist you if you are having problems with Cloudways itself or with the server.

Moreover, live chat support is available 24×7. However, Cloudways does not by default support applications. Therefore, WordPress and other applications you install on your server are not officially supported.

You can contact Cloudways’ support if you encounter any problems installing WordPress via their installer. In the case of WordPress errors, Cloudways does not offer free support (although it will sometimes assist you). In addition to standard support, premium support is available, but it’s not cheap.

Cloudways’ customer support offerings and user reviews

  • From the customers, it is discovered that the support team is amazing! As proactive and hands-on experts, they can solve almost anything on both the application and server levels. You can manage your server and applications very easily, and there is a ton of documentation available.
  • A good chat support service that is quick and efficient. In addition, it’s nice that you can pay for the service by the hour if you only need it for a short period of time.

Wrapping up!

In 2023, Cloudways remains one of the best web hosts. Now you know how you will benefit from its increased speed, scalability, uptime, and load testing capabilities. Besides that, it provides powerful security and backup options.

It is therefore one of the reasons why Cloudways offers a good price point with top-quality service and constant updates. It is for this reason that we think that every dollar that you spend on it is worth it! We hope you found this information helpful.

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