GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost – Which Hosting provider Wins In 2023?

Both GreenGeeks and Bluehost are the best affordable Web hosting providers available on the market right now. Both of them are extremely affordable and provide world-class service. But the problem is – Which one to choose? GreenGeeks vs Bluehost?

Choosing between these two options could be extremely difficult.

Here’s why to solve this problem I’ll be comparing GreenGeeks and Bluehost side by side and pick the winner for you that you can choose to host your website.

This comparison post isn’t going to be a theory-based article, instead, I’m going to show you every important aspect of these hostings with proof and real-life examples so that you can make your decision smoothly without breaking your head.

So keep reading.

Before diving into the in-depth comparison, I’m sharing a comparison table between Bluehost vs GreenGeeks that will help you to quickly decide the right hosting provider for you without spending much time.

Easy to useYesYes
Customer supportExcellentGood
Free DomainYesYes
SecurityTop-notchNeeds Improvement
Money-back guarantee30 Days30 Days
Free SSL certificateYesYes
Website MigrationYesNo
Free website backupProvidedNot Provided
1-Click WordPress InstallationYesYes
Storage SpaceUnlimited50GB

GreenGeeks vs BlueHost Comparison 2023: Who is the Best Web Host?

What Do I like About GreenGeeks?

  • Fast Hosting Servers – The best thing I like about GreenGreeks is their blazing-fast hosting servers. GreenGeeks uses SSD storage servers, an in-built caching system, PHP 7, and many latest technologies to keep their servers super fast. On top of that, GreenGeeks has many data centers around the globe which makes their servers even faster.
  • Free CDN – GreenGeeks provides free in-built CDN (Content delivery network) with all their plans. Usually, premium hosting companies provide free CDN, but GreenGeeks is among of the very rare hosting companies that provide free CDN at this affordable price point.
  • It’s super affordable – Whether you want to launch a website for your small business or want to start your blog, you can easily afford GreenGeeks hosting since it has really cheap pricing plans. The price of GreenGeeks hosting starts from just $2.49/Mo and goes up to $8.95/Mo.
  • Leading Green Hosting Provider – GreenGeeks is the world’s leading eco-friendly web hosting provider. They purchase renewable energy 3 times the amount they use to protect the environment from the harmful pollution made by hosting servers. Most of the hosting companies don’t really care about the environment and they keep polluting it every day.
  • Helpful support system – GreenGeeks has an excellent support system. Their support staffs are helpful and responsive. Right now GreenGeeks is providing support over phone calls, chat, and email tickets.

Top-class security features – Everything is worthless if your hosting provider doesn’t have secured servers. With GreenGeeks, you don’t have to worry about your website security since it has many security features like Container-based technology, Pro-active Server monitoring, Real-time security scanning, Enhanced spam protection, and Nightly Data Backup which keeps their servers super secure from any vulnerabilities.

What Do I Like About Bluehost?

  • Recommended by WordPress – Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress itself. So if you’re a WordPress user, it’s a plus point for you..
  • An affordable option – Like GeenGeeks, Bluehost is also a very affordable option for small businesses and bloggers. The basic plan of Bluehost costs only $2.95/Mo which is quite economical compared to other hosting providers.
  • Free CDN – If your website is getting visitors from around the globe then having a CDN is a must for you because it will help your website to distribute the content much faster to your visitor in different locations. The best part is, Bluehost also recently started providing Cloudflare CDN with all their hosting plans totally free of cost.

Improved customer support – Earlier Bluehost had one of the worst customer support. But in the last couple of months, I’ve been seeing some great improvements in their support system. The response time is getting improved day by day and the customer support staff are giving their best to solve any issue.

GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost – Faceoff

#1 – Speed

Let’s begin this comparison with speed because no one wants web hosting with slow loading servers.


Speed is one of the biggest deciding factors whenever it comes to hosting.

But do you know why some people pay very close attention to their website speed?

Because first of all, it improves user experience, and secondly, a fast website ranks higher than slow loading websites on Google

If you’re familiar with websites and the digital world, then most probably you know these things.

But if you’re a beginner, then from the next time whenever you choose your hosting, you have to focus on choosing a hosting that has fast servers.

I know that website speed does not totally depend on fast servers, but you have to understand that you can optimize everything on your website but you cannot optimize your hosting server.

So in short:

Doesn’t matter how optimized your website is, if your hosting server is slow then your website is never going to load fast.

Now that you know how important hosting server speed is, let’s compare the speed of GreenGeeks and Bluehost and find out which one loads faster.


GreenGeeks is not only an affordable hosting option, but it’s also very fast as well.

GreenGeeks has developed an entirely in-house system to improve the performance of your website.

They use technologies like SSD-based RAID-10 storage servers, Optimized liteSpeed and MariaDB, PHP7, and an in-built caching system to boost up their server’s loading speed.

Other than that, they also have multiple data centers on different parts and continents of the world which will help your website load faster on different locations.

And even better, they also provide free CDN (Content delivery network) service with all their plans.

In simple words:

If we put together all these technologies in one place, then you won’t feel that you are hosting your website on an affordable hosting server.

To finish it off, here’s the Google page insights score of a website hosted on GreenGeeks.


Now let’s talk about the speed of Bluehost.

Even though Bluehost is way more popular than GreenGeeks, Still it does not use the kind of technologies GreenGeeks is using to improve its server performance.

I’m not saying that Bluehost is slow.

But that being said, I also won’t deny that GreenGeeks has way more performance optimization features and use more latest technologies than Bluehost.

Right now Bluehost is using technologies like KVM and OpenStack to boost their servers.

Apart from that, Bluehost also recently started providing free Cloudflare CDN with their hosting plans which gives their servers an extra little boost.

For a better overview, I’ve tested the speed of a website that is hosted on Bluehost and here is the result.

#2 – Uptime

If you ask me which is the #1 thing I look for in hosting before choosing it, I would say “Uptime”.

Yes, that’s true.

Doesn’t matter how fast and secure your website is, if your customers cannot access your website then everything is worthless.

And if your website goes down, you’ll not only lose traffic but you’ll also leave a lot of potential sales and money on the table.

Here’s why I always recommend everyone to look for the uptime of hosting before making any decision.

To help you decide which one has the best uptime among GreenGeeks and Bluehost, I’ve monitored the performance of both of these hostings for the last one month.

So let’s find out who performs better.


Because of using the latest technologies and hardware, GreenGeeks rarely face any downtime issues.

Even though GreenGeeks claims to provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee, I decided to monitor the uptime of GreenGeeks hosting on my own.

And the results were mind-blowing.

GreenGeeks uptime guarantee

In the last 30 days, GreenGeeks has almost provided 100% uptime.

I know that you won’t always get 100% uptime on any hosting since every hosting provider has to upgrade their servers from time to time.

But still, even if you face some downtime issues, your uptime won’t be less than 99.9% with GreenGeeks.

Not only this, but GreenGeeks also ranks in the #21 position on HRank top hosting providers by performance.

HRank, GreenGeeks has delivered 99.992% uptime

And according to HRank, GreenGeeks has delivered 99.992% uptime in the last 30 days with 1207 ms response time.


Unlike GreenGeeks, Bluehost doesn’t provide any uptime guarantee.

That’s why similar to GreenGeeks, I decided to monitor the performance or uptime of Bluehost hosting on my own.

And here is the result.

Bluehost uptime guarantee

In the last 30 days, Bluehost has achieved an uptime of 99.998%.

The numbers are not too bad, but if we compare it with GreenGeeks, then GreenGeeks has a slight advantage on this part.

But on HRank, Bluehost is ranking in the #62 position with an uptime of 99.984% in the last 30 days.

HRank, Bluehost is ranking in the #62 position

In short:

If we compare the uptime of GreenGeeks and Bluehost side by side, GreenGeeks clearly wins the race even after being under popular hosting than Bluehost.

#3 – Ease of Use

Some people think that building a website on a self-hosted server is very tough.

And to be honest, actually, they are true.

However, in recent times, this thing has completely changed.

More and more hosting companies started to re-built their whole structure and now even a complete beginner can build their website on a self-hosted server without any hassle.

But still, some companies have really confusing dashboards and hosting panels which makes it really difficult and time-consuming for the user to explore their panels.

Here’s why today It has become extremely important to notice whether the hosting that you’re choosing is easy to use or not.


Earlier, GreenGeeks used to have a very cluttered and not so classy dashboard.

But now, GreenGeeks has totally redesigned its dashboard and made it more user friendly.

GreenGeeks also comes with cPanel which opens up more opportunities for you (Especially if you want to build your website without using any CMS platform like WordPress).

On the flip side, GreenGeeks even has a one-click installer feature that will enable you to install WordPress on your hosting in just one click.

Isn’t it impressive?


Bluehost on the other hand has a very impressive and nice-looking dashboard.

The dashboard of Bluehost is super clean, and easy to navigate, and everyone can use it without a single issue.

The dashboard also has very limited options which don’t make it very overwhelming and clutter for first-time users.

Like GreenGeeks, you don’t have to use cPanel to install WordPress because Bluehost gives you that option on their dashboard itself.

And not to forget, Bluehost does come with the one-click installation feature.

Overall, I found the dashboard of Bluehost is much easier to use for a beginner than GreenGeeks.

#4 – Customer Support

Whenever we buy any hosting, we often look at speed, uptime, and security, but we rarely focus on the customer support system of that hosting provider.

But the reality is, that customer support can make or break any hosting company.

I mean, just look at all the successful hosting companies. Most of them would have an excellent support system.

And because of that, customers stay for a very long time with those companies.

Let me ask you a question…

Would you rather choose a hosting that solves all your queries and problems or you’ll choose a hosting that almost takes an hour to respond to your message?

You’ll choose the first option – Right?

That’s why customer support matters a lot in the hosting industry.

Okay now, let’s talk about the support system of GreenGeeks and Bluehost.


GreenGeeks has an excellent customer support system.

They have a support expert team who will be available for all your queries 24/7 365 days a year.

GreenGeeks provides customer support over phone calls, email tickets, and live chat.

To try out their support system, I tried to contact their support team over live chat.

Surprisingly, the support staff was quick enough to respond to my query and they solved my problem within a couple of minutes.

Other than that, GreenGeeks also has a huge knowledge base available on their website that will help you to solve any small issues or basic queries within seconds.

Besides that, GreenGeeks has some really helpful tutorials listed on their website about WordPress, Elementor, Email accounts, and more that will help you to get started if you’re a complete beginner.


Earlier the support system of Bluehost was not that good and they used to take too much time to respond.

But now things are changing slowly and steadily.

Right now Bluehost offers support over phone calls, email tickets, and live chats.

Apart from that, they have a huge knowledge base (Probably larger than GreenGeeks) to solve any quick queries.

I think the phone call support of Bluehost is a bit faster than GreenGeeks because obviously, Bluehost has way more support staff than GreenGeeks.

But the live chat system of Bluehost is pretty slow compared to GreenGeeks.

#5 – CDN (Content Delivery Network)

If you don’t have any idea about CDN, then let me explain…

Content delivery network aka CDN is a network of servers distributed throughout the different parts of the world. These servers work together and help to reduce the travel time between servers and users and ultimately serve the content much faster.

If you are getting traffic from different parts of the world or if your target audience is far away from your hosting server location, then CDN is a must for you.

But the problem is…

…CDN’s are super expensive.

And for newbies, it became almost impossible to invest in a good CDN.

However, now some hosting companies started providing CDN with their hosting plans for free of cost.

Does GreenGeeks and Bluehost also provide free CDN?

Let’s find out.


GreenGeeks provides a free CDN with all their plans. Doesn’t matter whether you choose the basic plan or the most expensive plan, you’ll get CDN for your website free of cost.

The CDN GreenGeeks provide is not their in-house CDN. Instead, they provide Cloudflare premium CDN.

If you don’t know what Cloudflare is then let me explain…

Cloudflare is a very popular company in the internet space that provides CDN and security services for websites.

Initially, it’s free to use Cloudflare, but with GreenGeeks you’ll get the Cloudflare premium version free of cost.


Bluehost also provides free CDN with all their hosting plans.

Bluehost wasn’t providing free CDN before, but recently they’ve included Free CDN in their plans.

That’s pretty amazing.

And remember that Bluehost also doesn’t provide any in-house CDN service. Instead, they provide Cloudflare premium CDN.

So both GreenGeeks and Bluehost are on the same page on this part.

# 6 – Security

Besides uptime and speed, one thing that is super important to check before buying any hosting is security.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how fast and reliable your website is, if the security is not strong enough then you might lose your website tomorrow.

That’s why it’s really important for you to check the security features of your hosting before making any decision.


GreenGeeks is probably one of the safest hosting options to go with.

Because it has many security features that almost protect your website from any attacks.

Some security features of GreenGeeks are:

  • Real-time security scanning.
  • Spam protection.
  • Automatic app updates.
  • Free nightly data backup.
  • Container-based technology.
  • And more…
GreenGeeks security

These features combined make GreenGeeks a super-secure hosting to host your site.


Bluehost on the other hand doesn’t provide many security features.

Especially on the basic and plus plans.

You’ll get free domain privacy and automated backup features, but that is only available with the choice plus and pro plan.

It’s very sad that Bluehost doesn’t provide much security features in their low priced plans while GreenGeeks is providing all those latest security features with all their plans.

So it’s quite clear that GreenGeeks again clearly wins this part as well without any doubt.

GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost – Pricing

Till now we’ve almost covered most of the important aspects of both of these hostings.

But this comparison is totally worthless if we don’t compare the pricing of these hostings.

Believe it or not, pricing is the biggest deciding factor that persuades people to buy something.

That’s why I’ll compare the pricing of GreenGeeks and Bluehost and find out which one is worth the money you’ll spend.

GreenGeeks pricing plans

GreenGeeks has three different shared hosting plans:

  • Lite – $2.49/Mo
  • Pro – $4.95/Mo
  • Premium – $8.95/Mo
GreenGeeks Pricing plans

All these plans have almost similar kinds of features but the difference is, on the lite plan you can only host a single website whereas on the pro and premium plan you can host unlimited websites.

If you’re just a newbie and just want to explore hosting and websites, then the lite plan is suitable for you.

But if you’re running a WordPress blog or business Website, then you can go with either the managed wordpress hosting pro or premium plan.

Bluehost pricing plans

Bluehost has four different plans:

  • Basic – $2.95/Mo
  • Plus – $4.95/Mo
  • Choice plus – $4.95/Mo
  • Pro – $13.95/Mo
Bluehost plans

Each of these almost has similar core features, but there are some additional benefits you’ll get like free automated backup and domain privacy if you purchase the choice Plus or pro plan.

If we compare the pricing of GreenGeeks and Bluehost, then I think GreenGeeks is stealing the show because it provides way more features and benefits than Bluehost at a much cheaper cost.

So it makes no sense to choose Bluehost over GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost – Who Wins?

The straight answer is – GreenGeeks.

If we compare the pricing, features, and even customer support of GreenGeeks vs Bluehost then it’s quite clear that GreenGeeks has an extra edge over Bluehost.

And if you’re getting a premium quality of service at a cheaper price then why you wouldn’t choose GreenGeeks?

I know Bluehost is way more popular than GreenGeeks, but sometimes underrated products provide a much bigger impact than popular ones.

In short:

If you’re someone who wants a world-class Web hosting service at a cheaper price then GreenGeeks can be a great alternative to Bluehost and a better option for your website.

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