GreenGeeks Pricing Plans – Which One is Right for You?

If so, in this blog post, I have explained all the GreenGeeks pricing plans for 2023 along with the features you will get in the plan. GreenGeeks is undoubtedly a fast, secure, and eco-friendly web hosting provider that sells four different types of web hosting solutions to users across the globe.

There are some sub-hosting plans under the four different plans. 

Even if you are fully satisfied with the features offered by GreenGeeks, you may be confused about which GreenGeeks pricing plan is best for you.

By exploring all the GreenGeeks pricing plans in the post, you can easily choose the best GreenGeeks hosting plan that suits your needs.

GreenGeeks Pricing Plans 2023

As said above, GreenGeeks is currently offering four different types of hosting solutions as Shared Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Reseller Hosting.

GreenGeeks Shared Web Hosting Pricing Plans 2023

greengeeks shared webhosting pricing plans

Shared web hosting means that your websites or blogs hosted in any of the GreenGeeks shared web hosting plans will be stored in the server that is already occupied by so many of GreenGeeks users’ websites in the same plan.

There are three different sub-plans under GreenGeeks shared hosting plan: Lite, Pro, and Premium.

  • Lite

The GreenGeeks Lite plan costs $2.95 per month billed annually is the best choice for those who are just starting out to create a website or blog. You can host one website in the plan.

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  • Pro

The most popular GreenGeeks shared hosting plan Pro is for those who want to host an unlimited number of websites with some added features to Lite. The plan costs $4.95 per month when you choose an annual billing cycle.

  • Premium

The premium plan is for websites already with a good amount of traffic. The plan costs $8.95 per month billed yearly. You can avail yourself of some advanced security features in the plan.

Common Features in GreenGeeks Shared Web Hosting Plans

  • Free domain name for 1st year
  • Free nightly backup
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Built-in caching
  • Free CDN

There are even more discounts from the regular price that will be provided by GreenGeeks through special coupon codes on a frequent basis to the customers. So, make use of it to get extra discounts.

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Pricing Plans 2023

The sub plans, prices, and even the features are exactly the same compared with GreenGeeks shared hosting plans.

You may have a question now, while everything is the same in both plans, why are there the same features and pricing in 2 different plans?

It’s simple WordPress hosting is exclusively for users who want to use WordPress CMS on their websites while a shared hosting plan is for customers who want to use other platforms.

Fortunately, you can install WordPress in the shared web hosting plans.

Lite PlanPro PlanPremium

As stated in the shared web hosting pricing plans segment, the features are exactly the same. And the pricing plan per month is for an annual billing cycle.

You can consider trying the GreenGeeks WordPress hosting plan if you are about to create an online store with a WordPress platform. If so, you can install the Woocommerce free plugin to convert your normal WordPress site into an online store.

Black Friday is the best season to buy hosting with unbelievable price discounts. Check GreenGeeks Black Friday deals for 2023 in this post and avail yourself of exclusive discounts.

GreenGeeks Managed VPS Hosting Pricing Plans

greengeeks managed vps hosting plans and pricing

Like many other top web hosting companies offers, GreenGeeks too has managed VPS hosting servers.

If you are into some big business or even if you run an agency with many clients, you can try the GreenGeeks managed VPS hosting services.

There are three different plans under GreenGeeks VPS Hosting. The details are as follows

  • 2GB

The 2GB managed VPS hosting costs $39.95 per month billed every month. You will get 2GB Ram and 50GB of SSD disk space in the VPS basic plan.

  • 4GB

One of the highest-selling GreenGeeks managed VPS Hosting plans costs $59.95 every month. You will get 4GB of RAM and 75GB of SSD disk space in the plan.

  • 8GB

The plan is best for agencies and businesses that need more resources. The plan costs $109.95 per month billed monthly and gives you massive resources such as 8GB of RAM, 6vCPU, and 150 GB of SSD disk space.

Key Features Offered to GreenGeeks Managed VPS Plan Customers

  • Free cPanel migrations
  • Dedicated IP
  • Advanced Security Features
  • 99.9% service uptime
  • GreenGeeks managed support

GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Pricing Plans 2022

If you are planning to start your own web hosting business and want to sell hosting solutions to your customers, you can try purchasing any of the GreenGeeks resellers hosting plans and reselling to the people you know and making a good income out of it.

Similar to other plans, there are three different sub-plans under the GreenGeeks reseller hosting plan.

  • RH-25

The very basic plan in reseller hosting for those who are starting out in the web hosting business. The plan costs $19.95 per month and you will get 25 cPanel accounts with 60GB SSD disk space.

  • RH-50

GreenGeeks best selling reseller hosting plan costs $24.95 per month. You will get 50 cPanel accounts with 80GB SSD disk space. If you are running a web hosting business and are sure about getting around 40 to 50 customers, you can try this plan.

  • RH-80

The plan costs $34.95 per month. You will get a massive 160 GB of SSD disk space along with 80 cPanel accounts.

Which GreenGeeks Pricing Plans 2023 is Best for You?

The choice will totally depend on your requirements. 

Now that we have explored the pricing plans, you may be wondering which one is the best fit for your website. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

The Scale of Your Website:

Evaluate your current website requirements and future growth prospects. If you’re just starting, the Lite plan can accommodate your needs. However, if you anticipate rapid expansion or already manage multiple websites, the Pro or Premium plans offer greater scalability.

Performance and Security:

Websites that rely on fast page loading speeds and require additional security measures should opt for the Pro or Premium plans. These plans offer enhanced caching capabilities, advanced security features, and priority support.

Budget Considerations:

While GreenGeeks offers competitive pricing, it’s essential to align your chosen plan with your budgetary constraints. Assess the value and resources offered by each plan and select the one that offers the best balance of features and cost.

If you are damn new to the website or blog development and starting out as a very beginner, GreenGeeks shared web hosting ‘Lite’ plan is best for you.

Likewise, you can choose according to your requirements. While you choose your GreenGeeks plan, ensure to go through the above-reviewed pricing plans and choose what suits best according to your needs.


GreenGeeks is a web hosting solution provider across the world offering some finest hosting features at affordable costs under their four different types of hosting. 

Choosing the best web hosting GreenGeeks Pricing plans should totally depend on your requirements as said above. I am sure you will get great features along with solid support from the GreenGeeks team to run your business websites or blogs smoothly.

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