GreenGeeks Hosting Review: Is It Right Web Hosting for Your Blog?

GreenGeeks Hosting is one of the well established and industry leading eco-friendly web hosting service providers offers wide varieties of affordable web hosting plans worldwide. With 99.99% guaranteed uptime, GreenGeeks is what you need for all your web hosting solutions in 2022 and beyond. Start a Blog using GreenGeeks in 2022 with massive discounts and offers.

We unveiled the GreenGeeks coupon codes in this greengeeks hosting review post.

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The web hosting company you choose for your blog plays a major role in your blog performance. There are possibilities that your blog performs better and then, there are also possibilities that your blog may perform worse.

Both the above said possibilities lie under one of the major criterias called web hosting. So, the better web hosting provider you choose the better results you can drive to your blog.

In 2022, if you want to start your dream money making blog, then we can strongly recommend you to choose GreenGeeks as your web hosting partner. We are conveying the message not just for the sake of promoting. We just mean it and you may know the truth behind the recommendation right after reading the complete GreenGeeks review post.

In this blog post, you will get some solid justifications of why you must start a blog using GreenGeeks in 2022 as we are about to discuss everything about GreenGeeks including the pricing plans, features, pros, cons and many more.

Let’s get started to review the industry leading eco-friendly web hosting provider.

A Quick Introduction about GreenGeeks Hosting

The major vision behind the company is to offer its customers a fastest speed web hosting solution along with an exceptional support system and best security.

GreenGeeks founded back in 2008, since then the company offers the best eco-friendly web hosting solutions till date without any hassles and struggles.

The worldwide most popular web hosting company GreenGeeks offers four different hosting solutions including shared hosting, reseller, VPS and WordPress hosting with each plan comes in a different set of features. 

We will discuss more about the plans and pricing of GreenGeeks in detail in the GreenGeeks review post pricing section.

They currently own five data centers most of which generate renewable energy and so, the company prides itself as leading eco-friendly green web hosting solution provider. The data centers of the company are located in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Phoenix, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal.

Exclusive Features of GreenGeeks Hosting that will Amaze you the Most

GreenGeeks Hosting Coupon Codes

Here in this section, let’s point out the special features offered by GreenGeeks web hosting company on all their plans. You will be convinced 80% almost after coming to know the features offered by GreenGeeks. 

Unlike few other providers, with GreenGeeks, you will almost get all the features for free along with their basic plan. As you may know, most of the web hosting companies are limited to features on their basic plans and charge you extra to enjoy the features.

Check out the features and then, will have a look at the plans and pricing, GreenGeeks coupon, offers and many more.

Free SSL Certificate with All Hosting Plans

No matter whether you choose GreenGeeks basic shared hosting plan ‘LITE’ or the most advanced WordPress hosting plan ‘PREMIUM’, you will get an SSL certificate installed for free on your blogs.

SSL is a certificate that is used to be installed on websites and blogs to protect your sites from threats. In ‘HTTPS://’ the ‘S’ is what is meant to be websites with SSL installed.

Google itself recommends SSL certificates to be installed on websites, and also, sites with SSL certificates get higher priority on search engine rankings. So, get the SSL free with all GreenGeeks hosting plans.

Free Domain Name for One Year

Purchasing a top level (.COM) domain name will cost you approximately around 10 to 15 USD. With GreenGeeks hosting plan, you do not need to spend extra for your domain name as the company offers a Free domain name of your choice (according to availability) for one year.

You can get the domain name for free from GreeGeeks even with their basic shared hosting ‘LITE’ plan.

Getting a domain name for a year and SSL certificate free from GreenGeeks, you can save upto 20 USD. That’s quite a good feature about the company.

24/7/365 Customer Support Team

GreenGeeks has an excellent customer support system

No matter how big the web hosting company is, nowadays it’s hard for the customers to get support related to their issues in real time. Undoubtedly, some companies offer good support but many fail to resolve users’ issues on time.

With GreenGeeks, Customer Support is exceptional as the company owns support staff who are all technically brilliant, experienced and kind enough to resolve your issues in no time.

You just have to contact them either through the in-built Live Chat option in their website or email them to sort out your issues whatever it may be like backups, website down, new website setup, SSL installation and more. The 24/7/365 support team will take care of your issues.

Giving Back to the Nature

This is something unique about the company that you have never heard of anywhere else. Nature has given us human beings a lot. But, What do we offer in return? With each GreenGeeks hosting plan you afford from GreenGeeks, they used to plant a tree on behalf of your purchase with them. This could offer the world so many benefits.

As you can see the term ‘1 Tree Planted’ in the feature lists under all hosting plans. Not just for words, they are actually following it and aware about offering green solutions as much as possible.

GreenGeeks Uses Industry Best Speed Technologies

Low speed as well as the slow server response time is the biggest headache that many customers are facing with many web hosting companies. Both the criterias, speed and server response time is a key to your blog success.

No more worries about the criteria with GreenGeeks as the company uses industry best speed technologies like LiteSpeed, LSCache, MariaDB, HTTP/2 to boost up the speed and overcome the slow server response time issues.

Also, you will get a free CDN with all GreenGeeks plans that plays a significant part in improving website speed and performance.

30 Days Hassle Free Money Back Guarantee

Offering 30 days up to 90 days money back guarantee for their users has become a common feature nowadays that almost all the web hosting companies used to do that.

But the twist played by many companies around is the hidden charges., When it comes to money back guarantee, GreenGeeks provides a 30 days money back guarantee without any hidden charges. So, if you are not satisfied with their services, you can request the money you paid for the hosting plans within 30 days from your receipt date.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

GreenGeeks uptime guarantee

There is no point letting your website down every now and then. Your visitors may be frustrated and never think of returning back to your blog. So, it’s an all time advice to go with a web hosting provider that offers maximum uptime guarantee. Otherwise, you must face the heat.

Not just for words, GreenGeeks truly offers what it guarantees in terms of uptime, during our GreenGeeks review real time process, we found the company’s uptime way better compared to other similar service providers. 

We have not experienced any downtime during the process and we swear from our own experience that GreenGeeks can offer you 99.9% uptime as promised on their feature list.

Free Drag and Drop WebSite Builder

Gone are those days that you hardly need to study codings to develop your websites. After the arrival of the website builder concept, developing websites became easier and less time consuming.

When you opt for any one of the GreenGeeks web hosting plans, you will get a free drag and drop website builder in which you can easily design your website’s pages with no technical skills. The time taken for developing your blogs with the help of drag and drop website builder is very very less compared to manual coding development process.

GreenGeeks Plans and Pricing

GreenGeeks basic shared web hosting plan ‘LITE’ will cost you around $2.95 monthly. Followed by the super cool features, without taking time, we will let you know the detailed greengeeks hosting price and plans review of GreenGeeks.

As mentioned above, GreenGeeks offers four major hosting plans and all the four hosting plans come with sub plans in which you can choose your choice of favor according to your hosting requirements.

Let’s first start with GreenGeeks shared web hosting plans and pricing, then we will have a look at their other plans too.

GreenGeeks Shared Web Hosting Plans and Pricing Review

greengeeks shared hosting is the best choice if you are just getting started. Small business websites or Blogs initially do look for shared hosting plans (most cheapest web hosting plans) as your traffic may low during the initial phase.

In shared hosting, you will get a server to host your blogs in which other users also provide the same. Multiple users websites hosted in single server, and so the name called shared hosting as single server shared to multiple users.

Shared Hosting Plan Names, Features and Pricing 

GreenGeeks offers three different plans in their shared web hosting plan named Lite, Pro and Premium.

  • Lite:We recommend the plan ‘Lite’ to beginners who are just starting out and just want to host one website with limited resources.
  • Pro:The ‘Pro’ plan is considered to be one of the most popular GreenGeeks shared hosting plans. The plan is exactly for those who want to host multiple websites with extra speed and unlimited resources like email accounts, space, bandwidth etc…
  • Premium:Talking about the ‘Premium’ shared hosting plan, we will recommend you to go for the plan if your website receives the highest amount of traffic or even if you run online stores.
greengeeks shared hosting pricing

Common Features You will get in the All Three GreenGeeks Hosting Plans

  • Free Domain Name for One Year
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Nightly Backups
  • Free CDN
  • Managed WordPress
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 1 Tree Planted
  • One-Click Softaculous App Installer
  • Built-in Caching
Shared Hosting PlanSpecial Price (USD)Deal Link
Lite2.95 MonthlyGrab the Deal
Pro5.95 MonthlyGrab the Deal
Premium10.95 MonthlyGrab the Deal

WordPress Hosting Plan Names, Features and Pricing

The GreenGeeks WordPress hosting plans prices and plan names are the same as the shared hosting plans. There are few features that may vary in the WordPress hosting plan.

Fortunately, you can run your WordPress blogs with ease even with any of the GreekGeeks shared hosting plans. But, the difference here is you will get a server that hosts only WordPress platform installed blogs whereas in single shared hosting, possibly other platform websites can also be hosted.

If you want to run your blog or business website in WordPress platform, we would highly recommend using WordPress hosting plans as your WordPress website performs better in the plan compared to shared hosting plans.

Only because of exclusive WordPress CMS in the server, probably with WordPress hosting, your site speed may increase.


Free WordPress installation, Free WordPress Migration as well Auto WordPress version updates are the three major factors that are different from shared hosting and WordPress hosting plans.

WordPress Hosting PlanNo.of. WebsitesEmailAccountsWebSpacePerformancePrice (USD)Discounts
Lite One5050 GBStandard2.95 MonthlyGrab Deal
Pro UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedBetter5.95 MonthlyGrab Deal
PremiumUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedBest10.95 MonthlyGrab Deal

As you can see in the above table, the plan name, price, and email accounts are exactly as shared hosting plans in the WordPress GreenGeeks hosting plans.

There is a simple solution to choose one among two. If you are start a blog using GreenGeeks with WordPress blogging platform in 2022, go for WordPress hosting, otherwise choose shared hosting plans. Remember, you can host WordPress websites even with shared hosting plans.

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting

If you want to upgrade from shared hosting plans to enjoy extra resources and benefits, GreenGeeks blazing fast and managed VPS hosting is what you all need.

GreenGeeks web hosting company offers its customers three different fast and managed VPS hosting plans. The names are 2GB, 4GB and 8GB.

greengeeks vps hosting
VPS Hosting PlanPricing (USD)Billing DurationSpecial Link
2GB39.95MonthlyDiscount Link
4GB59.95MonthlyDiscount Link
8GB109.95MonthlyDiscount Link
  • 2GB: 2GB managed hosting plan is the most affordable GreenGeeks VPS hosting plan which provides you lightning fast with 2GB of RAM and 50 GB Disk Space.
  • 4GB: The best value yet the best selling managed VPS hosting plan by GreenGeeks. The plan will easily handle both medium and average high traffic websites. You will get 4 GB Ram and 75 GB SSD Disk space in the plan which will cost you 59.95 USD monthly.
  • 8GB: The highly powerful managed VPS hosting plan as it costs you around 109.95$ monthly. The plan provides you 8GB of RAM and 150 GB of SSD disk space. Once your website starts getting a heavy amount of traffic each day, better you may look for this VPS hosting plan.

All the above highlighted super fast managed VPS comes with power packed features in common such as Free website transfer, Free SSL certificate, cPanel included, Free Softaculous license as well as support from GreenGeeks specially talented staff members.

GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is exclusively for those who want to resell the hosting accounts bought from GreenGeeks and make money from it. Many companies do offer reseller hosting and it’s a great way if you want to make recurring income.

With purchasing a reseller hosting plan from GreenGeeks, you can run your own hosting business. You will be provided cPanel accounts according to the reseller hosting plan you choose from GreenGeeks. You can then resell the accounts to make income.

In the reseller hosting section, GreenGeeks offers three different hosting plans RH-25, RH-50 and RH-80. The numbers in the reseller hosting plan indicates the number of cPanel accounts provided for the particular hosting plan.

Reseller Hosting PlanPricing (USD)Billing DurationSpecial Link
RH-2519.95MonthlyClaim Discount
RH-5024.95MonthlyClaim Discount
RH-8034.95MonthlyClaim Discount
  • RH-25: In this fast and affordable reseller hosting plan, you will be provided with 60 GB SSD Disk Space and 25 cPanel accounts that will cost you around 19.95$ billing monthly.
  • RH-50: One of the GreenGeeks fastest selling reseller hosting plans that provides you 50 cPanel accounts along with 80 GB SSD Disk Space for $24.95 monthly.
  • RH-80: GreenGeeks powerful reseller plan with 80 cPanel accounts and a massive 160 GB SSD Disk space for $34.95 monthly.

All the three reseller hosting plans come with common free features such as Free SSL Certificate, Free cPanel migrations, Managed Support team as well 30 days hassle free money back guarantee.

Pros and Cons of GreenGeeks Web Hosting

We won’t say GreenGeeks offers 100% of what they promised. Like advantages, there are some disadvantages you may face with the company. But, to be honest, here with the company the cons are very less compared to other similar companies.

We are very clear that review posts should not be only about writing good things but must be about the bad side of the company as well. 

Here comes the pros and cons of the GreenGeeks web hosting provider you may want to know before choosing their hosting plans.


  • GreenGeeks offers hosting solutions for all kind of hosting needs
  • Even basic plans comes with Free SSL and Free one year domain name
  • 30 days hassle free money back guarantee
  • GreenGeeks provides you with free nightly backups on all their hosting plans
  • Built-in caching for improving website speed
  • Free CDN integration
  • 1-Click softaculous app installer
  • Free drag and drop website builder


  • No data centers located in India
  • No over the telephone 24/7 support
  • On demand back ups not available for ‘LITE’ shared hosting plan

How to Start a Blog Using GreenGeeks Hosting in 2022?

If you are convinced with our unbiased GreenGeeks review and want to start a blog using GreenGeeks hosting plans (one of the above said), here comes the step by step quick process to start your money making blog using GreenGeeks hosting account.

Step 1: Click this Discount Link to visit GreenGeeks website. The below image is how GreenGeeks front page looks. Time to time the design may change.

greengeeks hosting home page

Step 2: Click on ‘Get Started’ will take you to the website’s respective shared web hosting plans page. If you want to check for plans other than shared hosting plans, on the menu, you will find links to visit different hosting plans such as VPS, WordPress or reseller hosting.

greengeeks shared hosting pricing

Step 3: Click ‘Get Started’ for the hosting plan you want to purchase from GreenGeeks. Go for ‘Lite’ if you are about to host a single blog, otherwise ‘Pro’ shared hosting plan is most popular and value for money.

Step 4: The next step is to set up your domain name. You can either input a new domain name or to go with your already owned domain name. If you are just starting out without registering a domain name already, just write down the domain name of your choice (must be available to register) in the new domain name and click ‘Next’.

greengeeks domain name setup

Step 5: Moving forward to the next step, you have to fill up the mandatory account details like email, name, billing address etc.. Scrolling down in the same account setup page, you want to confirm your hosting package information.

greengeeks hosting lite package information

Look at the above image for reference as you can choose one duration among the four. When you choose monthly for the basic ‘Lite’ shared hosting plan, you have to pay 10.95$ billed monthly which is quite a high price.

So, we highly recommend going for triennially duration (36 months) in which you have to pay only 2.95$ monthly. With 36 months account plan duration, you can save upto 302 USD in your hosting billings.

For the long three years hosting plan with the one year free domain, you just have to only spend $116.5 on GreenGeeks.

The below image is what it looks like your final billing amount when you opt for a 36 months plan.

greengeeks hosting 36 months pricing

Click this Special Link to avail $301.95 extra OFF (includes domain name price $13.95 and special GreenGeeks coupon savings $288) on your shared hosting plan purchasing for 3 years.

Step 6: In the same account creation page, as a final step, you have to complete your payment by filling up your card details and proceed to ‘Create Account’ 

Step 7: If needed, submit the ‘OTP’ you receive on your mobile to confirm the payment and that’s the end of the process. You are now a proud owner of GreenGeeks hosting plan and you can start a blog using GreenGeeks now.

Soon after the payment is made, you are ready to start working on your new blog. You have to install WordPress with few setups (Customer Support team will take care of the process, orelse you can easily set up yourself with following tutorials). Once WordPress has installed, you can start developing your website and launch in no time.

GreenGeeks Coupon

We team up with GreenGeeks to offer a specially customized discount for our readers. You will get a free domain name as well as $301.95 savings when purchasing your hosting plan using this special link. Remember, the link has already GreenGeeks coupon enabled and you will get your discounts on an automatic basis.

GreenGeeks Best Alternatives

There are alternatives for everything. And so, there are some best alternatives to GreenGeeks as well. If you are eager to know the names of the best alternatives to GreenGeeks, here are the two web hosting companies that can compete with GreenGeeks and we believe as best.

  1. BlueHost
  2. Hostinger

BlueHost Hosting:

BlueHost is undoubtedly a well established yet WordPress itself recommended hosting company worldwide. No different from the pricing segment as BlueHost also charges 2.95 USD the same as GreenGeeks. Luckily, You can get the same price in BlueHost for a 12 months plan to their customers in their basic shared hosting plan with a free one year domain and SSL certificate.

Whoever writes about the leading web hosting companies comparison posts, most of the bloggers first choice will be to write about BlueHost vs GreenGeeks as these both are super performing web hosting providers.

Even when someone in the beginner level wants to purchase hosting, most of them are used to first searching for BlueHost vs Greengeeks and then they will select one hosting company among the two. These two are the top choices currently.

Already there are around 2 millions websites hosted with the BlueHost company.

The counting increases day by day as the company works hard to improvise their features.

Hostinger Hosting:

A rock solid web hosting company serves web hosting services across 175+ countries. If you ask us, one fine web hosting provider offers cheaper pricing than BlueHost and GreenGeeks, it’s undoubtedly ‘Hostinger’.

Hostinger single shared hosting plan starts from just $1.39 per month when billed for four years. Almost, the Hostinger price is 55% as low as both the BlueHost and GreenGeeks. 

Ofcourse, Hostinger has some drawbacks compared to GreenGeeks and BlueHost. Still, Hostinger is one of the most considered web hosting companies among beginners because of the unbelievable affordable pricing they offer.

Even the Hostinger premium shared hosting plan costs you around just 2.59 USD monthly billed for four years which is also less expensive than GreenGeeks and BlueHost basic shared hosting plans. With Hostinger premium shared hosting plan, you can h0st unlimited websites.

Each web hosting company has its own advantages and disadvantages. If Hostinger stands out from the crowd when it comes to pricing, GreenGeeks may offer you unbelievable uptime while BlueHost gives their customers solid 24/7/365 instant support.  This way, one company seems better than others.

Final Verdict

We hope that we have covered all the portions that a proper web hosting review requires in the GreenGeeks review blog post.

In the price segment (around 3 USD monthly), GreenGeeks is actually a better company to host websites and blogs. As there are lower price web hosting service providers than GreenGeeks, but still the company stands out because of its features and best speed, uptime and many more top features.

GreenGeeks provides all forms of hosting solutions whether new websites, high traffic websites, WordPress blogs, eCommerce stores etc..

To get the maximum savings, ensure to go for a 36 months plan rather than trying other durations which costs you little more than the maximum tenure plan.

If you are convinced with the GreenGeeks, let us know what makes you convinced. Also, if you have any queries about the hosting company that needs to be sorted out to finalize your purchasing decision, drop your queries regarding greengeeks affiliate, greengeeks login, greengeeks cpanel, greengeeks webmail over the comments section.

We can reply to your query as soon as possible. 

Who is GreenGeeks?

As we have discussed almost A to Z about the company in the blog post earlier. GreenGeeks is a powerful and eco-friendly platform to purchase web hosting plans with multiple hosting options. They have been in the industry to offer the customers scalable, fastest and most secure web hosting solutions with plans starting from just $2.95 monthly.

How many customers does GreenGeeks Have So Far?

Having been in the business for almost 14 years, GreenGeeks web hosting company was founded in 2008. As per the status mentioned in their website itself, till date GreenGeeks has gained 55000+ customers with 600000+ websites already hosted in the platform.

Where is GreenGeeks Based?

GreenGeeks is a USA based startup located in Wilmington, Delaware. Offering their web hosting services across 150+ countries including India with 5 data centers located in Phoenix, Montreal, Toronto, Amsterdam and Chicago.

How is GreenGeeks Hosting in terms of Speed, Uptime etc..?

GreenGeeks speed, uptime and other performance based important criterias are just as exceptional as what they promised. While reviewing, we did not face any downtime. According to user reviews, 99% of the GreenGeeks users are highly satisfied about the performance of the websites they hosted with GreenGeeks.