10 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives that Provide Cloud Hosting

Sometimes the company at the top of the list may also face drawbacks and that’s quite a natural everywhere. Without a doubt, DigitalOcean is the top-notch yet scalable service provider worldwide when it comes to cloud hosting. But, there are very few drawbacks too with DigitalOcean. There are good alternatives to DigitalOcean for every other product you buy. The same is applicable to DigitalOcean. So, if you are one who is searching for the best alternative companies to compete with DigitalOcean cloud hosting features, here in the post, we will list out the 10 best DigitalOcean alternatives that provide cloud hosting.

Traditional hosting solutions such as shared hosting or WordPress hosting are more than enough to host your WordPress blogs if you are just getting started.

But, when your blogs and websites start skyrocketing in terms of traffic, you cannot stay on with your shared hosting plans. It does not work out much for high-performing blogs. So, the better solution could be to switch your blogs from shared hosting to cloud hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting?

When you opt for a cloud hosting plan, the cloud hosting services will be provided using cloud resources whereas in traditional hosting (web hosting plans we usually buy) services will be provided using a single server from the company data center.

The flexibility, reliability, and scalability factors are damn high for your websites when it comes from cloud resources than data centers located servers. 

10 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives with Discount Link

Cloud Hosting ProviderPrice Per MonthDiscount Link
CloudWays$10Claim Discount
BlueHost$19.99Claim Discount
DreamHost$4.50Claim Discount
A2 Hosting$4.99Claim Discount
HostGator$4.95Claim Discount
Hostinger$9.99Claim Discount
InMotion$19.99Claim Discount
UpCloud$5Claim Discount
GreenGeeks$39.95Claim Discount
Vultr$2.50Claim Discount

DigitalOcean – A Quick Overview

DigitalOcean is not just a web hosting company that offers only hosting solutions. Their services are damn huge and exclusive such as gaming development, VPN, startups, streaming, SaaS solutions, managed cloud hosting, and a few more.

digitalocean worldwide

Despite all the services and solutions, DigitalOcean is reputed and well known for its cloud hosting and firewall solutions. Having 14 data centers worldwide, the company already crossed 598k customers worldwide and serves 185 countries.

The company owns three offices located in New York, Cambridge, and Bangalore, India. Affordable cloud hosting pricing plans as well as highly scalable cloud hosting resources make the company stand out from the crowd.

The DigitalOcean Drawbacks

You may have a valid question, why look for DigitalOcean alternatives when the company itself tops the list in the cloud hosting field and offers good features?

The reason is here

The major drawback is that the DigitalOcean support channels are not upto the mark. You cannot contact them instantly in case of any issues with your hosting through live chat or phone support. You have to raise a support ticket and then wait in a queue to get your issues solved. 

For sensitive issues on your websites, in case the support gets delayed, you may face the heat. So, to overcome the limited support channels issues, you may look for alternatives. In the list, you will find out the best DigitalOcean alternatives for cloud hosting.

Some on the list are offers cheaper pricing plans than DigitalOcean

10 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives for Cloud Hosting Solutions You may Try in 2023

CloudWays – Trial for Free Without Credit Card

cloudways homepage

CloudWays is one of the industry’s popular cloud hosting providers that started its journey in 2011. The company offers their customers to choose from their partnered cloud hosting service companies such as DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.

The five cloud hosting providers are just offering you the infrastructure as you need not create accounts with any of the above to avail of cloud hosting from Cloudways. 

Once you are signed up with CloudWays hosting account, you have to choose one of your required cloud hosting service providers among the five, rest of the process will be set up for you instantly by Cloudways.

Cloudways supports most of the highly used applications including Joomla, Magento, PHP as well a few other open-source applications. And, Yeah, of course, WordPress is too in the list.

CloudWays Plans and Pricing

As We mentioned CloudWays partnered with five different cloud resource providers’ infrastructures, and the pricing for CludWays cloud hosting varies according to the partner you choose.

If you are just starting out to experience cloud hosting, the basic plan is more than enough for you. In such cases, DigitalOcean and Linode are affordable compared to the other three partners. To get DigitalOcean cloud resources via Cloudways, the basic plan is $10 per month.

cloudways digitalocean pricing

As DigitalOcean offers the most affordable price to Cloudways customers, we have mentioned their prices only here. You can check the other partner prices on CloudWays’ pricing page.

CloudWays Pros and Cons

Free 3 Days Trial to Check FeaturesEmail Hosting is not available
24/7 Customer SupportNo domain name registration service
WordPress can be Installed AutomaticallyYou must technically fit to use their services
CloudWays CDN for fast loading pages
  1. BlueHost – Increase your Website Power, Flexibility, and Control

bluehost vps hosting page

The company does not need much explanation as the popularity BlueHost already gained is huge in the field of web hosting. You may already know BlueHost as the well-established and affordable shared web hosting provider. Fortunately, BlueHost also offers cloud hosting solutions to users.

You can find the BlueHost managed cloud hosting solutions on their website in the name of VPS hosting. If you want to upgrade your blog or websites from shared hosting plans from BlueHost to VPS hosting plans, you can do so easily with the help of their effective 24/7 cloud customer support team.

Bluehost cache mechanism is one of the most superior functions you will get along with all your VPS hosting plans, the mechanism helps your websites load thundering fast, and also, it can help better your search engine rankings.

BlueHost Cloud Hosting Plans and Pricing

bluehost vps hosting pricing plans

In the cloud hosting segment, BlueHost offers its users three different sub-plans named Standard, Enhanced and Ultimate.

The Bluehost basic ‘Standard’ VPS hosting plan costs you around 19.99 USD for a 36 months duration. The features included in the Standard VPS plan are 2 cores, 30 GB SSD storage, 2GB Ram, ITB Bandwidth, 1 IP address with cPanel.

You may look for their other two plans if you want extra features. Fortunately, you can host an unlimited number of websites and domains with your BlueHost VPS hosting plans.

BlueHost Cloud Hosting Pros and Cons

24/7 Phone, Live Chat, Email SupportPrices are a little high
30 days money back offer
Easy to use VPS dashboard
  1. DreamHost – A Budget-Friendly Cloud Hosting Provider

dreamhost cloud hosting page

One of the lowest cloud hosting pricing providers on the list DreamHost has been in the web hosting space for many years. The company has a massive 24 years history in the field as it started in 1997.

Above 400K+ happy customers with already 750k+ WordPress installations done with the hosting provider, empowering people is the DreamHost core value. With the company’s cloud hosting, you can use their easily scalable cloud resources and run your favorite applications on the Linux OS of your choice.

DreamHost cloud computing hosting solution is a great choice for experts who know how to code well. It’s an exclusive cloud hosting solution for professionals. With DreamHost cloud computing plans, you can easily develop applications of your own online if you are good at coding. One of the best DigitalOcean alternatives for cloud hosting at affordable rates.

DreamHost Cloud Hosting Plans and Pricing

There are two different cloud hosting plans currently offered by DreamHost, one is cloud computing and another one is cloud object storage.

Maximum of upto 4.50 USD per month that you have to spend in order to get the benefits of DreamHost cloud computing plan whereas the cloud object storage plan costs you around 0.95$ per month.

dreamhost cloud computing pricing

If you are searching for the best cloud hosting solution for databases, DreamHost 8GB RAM Server under a cloud computing plan is an ideal choice for you. The cost will be around $48 per month.

DreamHost Pros and Cons

97 days money back guaranteeYou have to take Backup of your own
Full root and Full controlNo Cpanel
SSD Cloud ServersMust have coding knowledge
Affordable PricingWebsite Migration is not free
  1. A2 Hosting – For Multiple VPS Hosting Options

a2 hosting homepage vps hosting

You will be provided with dedicated cloud resources when you opt for A2 VPS hosting plans. The dedicated resources only yourself mean a sure high voltage performance. Whatever the VPS plans you choose, all plans come with a free SSL certificate as well as free website migrations.

A2 Hosting supports 24/7/365 days Guru crew support with highly skilled personnel exclusively for customers opt their VPS hosting plans.

Undoubtedly, A2 hosting is one of the leading service providers when it comes to shared web hosting plans. Many believe they are just limited to shared hosting solutions, no, their cloud resources are massive and offer reliable features.

The company does offer a specialized VPS sub-hosting plan name called ‘TURBO’ in which you can get upto 20 times faster performance than other VPS hosting plans. Compared with DigitalOcean, the A2 managed VPS hosting plans prices are high, but the features they offer in the managed cloud hosting plans would definitely be worth your money.

A2 VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing

A2 Hosting offers two different VPS hosting plans, managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. There are four different sub-plans under both managed and unmanaged hosting plans.

A2 Hosting unmanaged vps hosting pricing

Luckily, A2 hosting offers the users 3 different billing durations. 36 months, 12 months as well as 1 Month. If you cannot afford their 36-monthly billing agreement, you can go for 1 month even. But, same as every other company, the price may vary.

Talking about the A2 hosting VPS plans pricing structure, in unmanaged VPS hosting plans, there are four different sub-plans named Runway 1, Runway 2, Runway 4, and Supersonic 8. The Runway 1 which is a basic unmanaged VPS hosting plan will cost you $4.99 when you opt-in for a 36 months billing agreement.

The basic managed VPS hosting plans from A2 hosting pricing starts from $39.99 and you will get 4GB dedicated RAM and 150 GB SSD storage. The plan name is called ‘LIFT4’. Apart, there are three other plans such as Lift 8, Lift 16, and Mach 8. You can choose plans according to your requirements.

A2 VPS Hosting Pros and Cons

Free cPanel Control PanelManaged VPS Hosting Pricing High
Free and Easy Website Transfer
30 days hassle-free Money Back Guarantee
  1. HostGator – For a Best and Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

hostgator cloud hosting

HostGator, one of the biggest names in the web hosting business along with shared hosting plans also offers powerful performance cloud hosting plans. The Hostgator cloud hosting plans come with SSD storage drives.

The Hostgator cloud hosting plans are 2 times faster and 4 times more reliable than traditional shared hosting plans. The most highlighted thing about the company is that they do offer cloud plans at affordable rates.

HostGator has a server location in India for cloud hosting and you will get huge discounts compared to USA server prices. If you are targeting Indian audiences and want to grow your blog performance in no time with cloud hosting, HostGator is one best company you may switch to now from your shared hosting plan. HostGator offers free website migration for new customers.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans and Pricing

You can get upto 45% off when you sign up for a HostGator cloud hosting account. The cloud hosting plan starts from 4.95 USD.

hostgator cloud hosting pricing

To power your online business with advanced cloud hosting technologies from HostGator, you will get to choose three different cloud hosting plans named Hatchling cloud, baby cloud, and business cloud. 

If you want to host a single domain, you can opt for a Hatching cloud plan that costs you $4.95 for a 36 months time duration. The plan includes 2 GB Ram and 2 Core CPUs with free SSL certificates for security purposes.

If you want more powerful features in the cloud hosting resources, try the most recommended baby cloud plan.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Pros and Cons

Free SSL CertificateFree SEO tools only for Higher plans
Free Domain for One YearHigher Renewal Charges
45 Days Money Back Guarantee
  1. Hostinger – Hosts upto 300 Websites

hostinger cloud hosting

With 6 prominent data centres located in the major parts of the world including the USA, UK, Singapore, Netherlands, Lithuania, and India as well, the HostGator is not just popular for its affordable shared and WordPress hosting plans. The company also offers power cloud hosting solutions for customers worldwide.

Same as the shared hosting plan feature, with Hostinger cloud hosting plans, you will get a free.COM domain name registration for the first year. The company promises 4 times higher speed than shared hosting, Hosinger cloud hosting plans are the best cloud solutions for people who want a cloud infrastructure to host their websites.

With the Hostinger cloud hosting plan, you can create upto 100 domain-based email addresses which is a great offer for the users to increase their business credibility with the help of domain-based business emails.

If you are looking for the best DigitalOcean alternative cloud hosting provider that offers user-friendly and budget-friendly cloud hosting services, try Hostinger. Afterward, you will feel like the best decision you ever made in your life. Hostinger is just amazing.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Pricing Plans

hostinger cloud hosting pricing

Hostinger cloud hosting offers three different hosting plans. The names are as follows. Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional and Cloud Enterprise. The basic cloud hosting plan ‘Cloud Startup’ costs $9.99 in which you will get to host upto 300 websites with 200 GB of SSD storage.

The hostinger cloud hosting features are damn huge as you can get Free domain, Free SSL, Free CDN, Free Migration, one-click WordPress installation, and many more.

If you want more storage, more RAM power, and high CPU cloud resources then you may go for Hostinger cloud hosting highest plan ‘Cloud Enterprise’ which costs you $69.99 per month.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Pros and Cons

Daily Free Backups worth 11.99$ ValueRenewal Charges are High
Multiple data centers
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
24/7/365 Customer Support
  1. InMotion Hosting – An Ecommerce Optimized Cloud Resources

inmotion managed vps hosting

The Inmotion VPS hosting plans have the capabilities to handle 10 times higher traffic than traffic received in traditional shared hosting. The company provides high availability servers in which you never experience any downtime as the provider promises 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

If you are searching for professional VPS hosting solutions to run your e-commerce stores, InMotion VPS hosting plan is an ideal solution for hassle-free online business performance. 

The company does offer 6 different billing commitments like 1 month, 6 Months, 12, 24, and 36 months as well. With each plan, you will get Free SSL and unlimited bandwidth.

The unique fact about the company’s customer support team is that they do offer Skype calls for their users along with live chat and email support.

InMotion Managed VPS Hosting Pricing

The only VPS hosting provider powered by UltraStack, InMotion hosting company serves four different plans in their powerful Linux-based managed VPS hosting section.

inmotion managed hosting pricing

Well popular for their US-based market and best customer support, here are the names of the company’s VPS hosting plans with a price.

  • 2GB RAM plan starts from $19.99/mo
  • 4GB RAM plan starts from $29.99/mo
  • 6GB RAM plan starts from $44.99/mo
  • The highest plan 8 GB RAM starts from $59.99/mo

The above-mentioned prices are for a 36-month billing commitment, as the prices may vary when you pay for less tenure than a 36 months plan.

InMotion VPS Hosting Pros and Cons

Free website transfers and server setupAccount setup takes time
90 days money back guaranteeOffers only managed VPS which is quite costly
Best for Ecommerce stores
  1. UpCloud – Offering Effortless Global Infrastructure

upcloud cloud hosting

In most ways, UpCloud is quite better than DigitalOcean and we added the company to the list of best DigitalOcean alternatives for cloud hosting. On the company website, you can see an exclusive page that has comparison factors of upCloud vs DigitalOcean.

UpCloud offers its customers a 3-day free trial to experience the features of their cloud hosting resources. In comparison with DigitalOcean, the UpCloud storage and computing performances are high.

The company already gained a 95% customer satisfaction rate and is looking forward to fulfilling 100% of its customers when they need support regarding the service issues of UpCloud. When you contact the support team in case of any issues, you will be given solutions within an average time of 1 minute and 37 seconds.

UpCloud Plans and Pricing

Their cloud servers are served to the users on-demand as they offer simple plans starting from 1GB of memory upto 128 GB of memory. According to your requirements, you can request them for plans on your demand.

upcloud simple cloud servers pricing

With the basic 1GB Memory and 1 CPU resource with 25 GB MaxIOS storage, you just have to pay $5/mo. The pricing plan seems to be cost-effective. The highest UpCloud cloud server plan costs you $640 per month in which you will be provided 128 GB of memory and 20 CPU.

For those who are just getting started with cloud hosting, a $5 basic plan is more than good to experience your time with cloud features.

UpCloud Cloud Hosting Pros and Cons

Cloud Hosting as low as $5Charges extra for additional storage
10+ data centers worldwideNot so popular in the cloud hosting space
  1. GreenGeeks – Popular for Eco-Friendly Web Hosting Plans

greengeeks vps hosting

GreenGeeks Hosting tops the list when talking about the best traditional hosting such as WordPress hosting and Shared hosting plans. Many users are not aware that GreenGeeks is offering cloud hosting solutions. Yes, the eco-friendly do have fast yet managed VPS hosting plans in their overall hosting services.

If you are already having your cPanel accounts with another VPS hosting provider and want to switch it to GreenGeeks, the technically greengeeks solid customer support team will do the migration work for you free of cost. All you have to do is to purchase one of their highly scalable VPS hosting plans.

The company only uses the latest Intel XEON processors for all their virtual private servers to ensure maximum reliability to the customer websites.

GreenGeeks Managed VPS Hosting Pricing

greengeeks pricing managed vps hosting

The company provides three different managed VPS hosting plans to its customers starting from $39.95 billed monthly.

Each VPS hosting plan comes with a Free SSL certificate and free softaculous license. The three plans are separated into three different names such as 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB plans. GreenGeeks VPS hosting 4GB plan is the best selling plan which costs you around $59.95 billed monthly.

All the GreenGeeks VPS hosting plan customers get to talk with the managed support team in case of any issues setting up their websites.

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting Plans Pros and Cons

30 days money back guaranteeNo data centers in India
cPanel included in all VPS plansNeed technical knowledge to handle VPS servers
Advanced security features
  1. Vultr – Pricing Starts from Just $2.50 Per Month

Another best alternative to DigitalOcean for cloud hosting services is Vultr cloud hosting pricing plans starting from as low as 2.50 USD. Recently, the company has introduced a virtual private cloud with peering that allows the customers to peer with different VPC users.

As a customer of Vultr cloud hosting, you can get up to 100% SSD storage. Vultr owns 21 data centers across 5 different continents such as Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, and South America. You can easily choose a server location according to your most targeted traffic country.

Vultr offers several services including Saas, Web Hosting, Gaming Servers, Video Streaming and VPN. Same to DigitalOcean, the company Vultr charges its customers on an hourly basis.

They do offer four different cloud hosting services ‘Bare Metal’ is the most recommended Vultr service that offers fully automated dedicated servers with zero virtualization layer.

Vultr Cloud Hosting Plans and Pricing

vultr cloud pricing

Cloud Compute, Bare Metal, Dedicated Cloud, and Kubernetes are the four different cloud hosting plans currently offered by Vultr. 

The basic Vultr cloud hosting plan ‘Cloud Compute’ costs you around 2.50 USD per month which is considered to be one of the most affordable cloud hosting pricing in the entire DigitalOcean alternative list. 

In the ‘Cloud Compute’ plan, you will get 10 GB of SSD storage, 1 CPU, 0.5 GB of memory, and 0.50 TB. If you want more storage and more CPUs, the company does offer different pricing structures accordingly.

Vultr Cloud Computing Pros and Cons

Too many data centers worldwideOnly Email support
Affordable Pricing PlansIt little Tough for Beginners to Understand the Service
Powerful Cloud Infrastructure


When you are in need of finding the best cloud hosting service provider to start a new blog or to switch your old one from shared to cloud hosting, ensure to finalize the budget you can afford for your hosting. And then, decide whether you can pay for a monthly billing cycle or 36 months, 24 months billing agreement, etc.

The two major decisions help you find the one best accordingly. Then, you can refer to the post to check which cloud hosting provider meets your budget terms and go for it.

Why is cloud hosting over traditional shared web hosting plans?

You need cloud hosting when your websites start getting a high amount of traffic as cloud hosting gives you more security, higher performance, uptime, speed, etc.. everything you will get good in the cloud hosting. When it comes to pricing, shared hosting is cheaper and is the reason, many newbies during the initial stages prefer shared to cloud. So, cloud hosting is worth it for high-performance websites.

Can you name one best DigitalOcean alternative among the above said ten providers?

It’s quite a challenging question to answer one best among the ten. But, Yeah! We will suggest ‘CloudWays, as one top in the list as the cloud services offered by CloudWays are very beginner friendly. If you are good with a $10 per month deal, CloudWays can be easy for you.

Is BlueHost a Better Choice?

Undoubtedly a big yes. BlueHost charges high, almost double the charge compared to CloudWays for their basic cloud hosting plan. But the features are very rich and definitely worth the money you spent. 

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