The 9 Best Cloud Hosting Providers for your Blog

A website is a must for a business in this current scenario. The website act as the best choice to generate lead across the globe. But, people looking for information online want to be welcomed by a super-fast website and alluring website, they instantly lose attention if the website speed is not up to the mark. Only good hosting can ensure you retain your customer online. Cloud hosting is one of the best choices for super fast hosting. Cloud hosting providers ensure you get nothing but the best for your dream website.  

Before making a conclusion, here is what you should be well aware about the cloud hosting services.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Are you tired of relying on regular hosting applications to host your blog or website? Are you looking for something reliable and state of the art? Then what you are really looking for is ‘Cloud Hosting’.

Cloud hosting is an application that hosts your blog or website using several different servers instead of traditionally utilizing only one server.

In fact, cloud server providers ensure the website to load can be balanced across various servers easily and uptime can also be maximized.

Thus, with cloud hosting it is possible to host your website or blog with greater flexibility and scalability.

Benefit of using Cloud hosts and impeccable features:

Free Cloud Hosting is truly fascinating and brings about a wide range of benefits thanks to its amazing features. The various important features of cloud server providers and the benefits that they make available for us are:

  • High Uptime

The cloud server providers offer its users maximum uptime.

This is because cloud hosting uses redundant server environments. In other words, if one server fails, another server will be ready to pick up your website or blog.

Hence, there will always be standby servers and thus your website or blog will not go offline. Whereas with a single server hosting application, the risks of downtime are higher. Hence, opt for cloud hosting if you wish to enjoy the benefits of maximum uptime and zero fear of going offline.

  • Customizable

Are you picky? Or maybe you wish to influence your site operations instead of handing it all over to the system. With Cloud Hosting India you can easily influence operations by scaling resources up and down.

In other words, you can easily upgrade server and memory, thus being able to manage technology with greater ease. What’s more? Users can also make major decisions such as acquiring more disk space and allocation of more bandwidth. So, with cloud server providers, one can very easily customize the server environment.

  • High Speed

Are you looking for high speed service from a hosting application; one that allows your website to be loaded super fast? Then cloud hosting is exactly what you are looking for.

In the event that one particular server becomes very slow or has high traffic or has suddenly gone offline; cloud hosting allows you to quickly shift to a faster and active server.

Hence speed is not compromised. What’s more?

Cloud hosting allows users to be able to balance website load across several servers, thus putting less strain on a single server’s resources. Plus, cloud hosting is fast when it comes to deploying web servers or when it comes to website migration.

  • Safe

Another reason why you should opt for cloud hosting is because it offers better security measures. Cheap Cloud hosting uses state of the art security services which secures your blog or website against hacking, hardware failure and system overload. What’s more?

Even if one server starts experiencing issues, with cloud hosting there is always a second server is a standby that one can easily replace with. Hence you do not have to worry about your website experiencing downtime.

  • Simple dashboard

Another reason why you should opt for cloud hosting is because it uses a simple and innovative dashboard. Hence, it is much easier to manage operations with little technical knowledge.

Unlike the days of the past when one needed sound technical knowledge in order to operate cloud hosting; such is not the case now. Hence cloud hosting is nowadays user-friendly.

  • Budget friendly

So now comes one of the more important questions: how expensive is cloud hosting? Surely something that offers so many benefits must come at a price, that too a high price, right? But that is where we assume wrong.

Cloud hosting in India is actually more cost-effective and budget-friendly than regular Shared hosting services. What’s more?

The pricing associated with cloud hosting is very much flexible. You can also opt for free cloud hosting.

  • Real time surveillance

Now, it would be difficult to be constantly monitoring your website operations. What would be nice would be to have a second pair of eyes that doesn’t sleep and is highly vigilant. Is this possible?

That is where Real-Time Solutions comes in. Real-Time Solutions constantly monitors your site’s functioning and the servers it is hosted on, thus keeping an eye for trouble. In case a problem does occur, Real-Time Solution has got it covered.

9 Best Cloud Hosting Providers and Services

#1- Cloudways – 

Cloudways HostingCloudways is one of the best Managed cloud hosting platforms that facilitates simplicity, choice, and performance. With Cloudways, you can win as an individual or succeed as a business; the caring expert support will let you focus on doing the best. Migrating your websites would be much easier with the Cloudways-built WordPress migrator plugin. It is one of the best cloud server hosting. Digital Ocean has acquired Cloudways .

Cloudways Pricing and plans

Cloudways offers flexible pricing plans that suit your budget requirements; all plans come with 24/7/365 support, unlimited application installation, free migration, and free SSL. There are 4 different plans:

  • 14 USD per month plan: This plan offers 1 GB RAM, uses 1 core processor, and offers storage of 25 GB and bandwidth of 1 TB.
  • 28 USD per month plan: This plan offers 2 GB RAM, uses 1 core processor, and offers storage of 50 GB and bandwidth of 2 TB.
  • 54 USD per month plan: This plan offers 4 GB RAM, uses 2 core processors, and offers storage of 80 GB and bandwidth of 4 TB. This is the most popular plan.
  • 99 USD per month plan: This plan offers 8 GB RAM, uses 4 core processors, and offers storage of 160 GB and bandwidth of 5 TB.

Best features of Cloudways hosting

  1. The Cloudways assures high-speed performance; all servers launched on Cloudways have dedicated resources that will deliver you superior performance.
  2. The security practices of Cloudways keeps all your servers safe and secure. Dedicated firewalls of the Cloudways filter out malicious traffic and keeps the intruders away from you.
  3. Cloudways give you many Cloud conveniences through add-ons and web services which will be highly required to achieve the greatest thing. For instance, you can build your solutions to control the platform.

#2- A2hosting

A2 HostingA2hosting is known for its speed and reliability; these two have made the A2hosting in the top priority list.

With the A2hosting your page will load 20 times faster than a typical non-SSD server. If you are looking for the best cloud hosting providers that will also helpful to you in having better SEO results, lower bouncing rates, and high conversion rates, then A2hosting will be the best Bluehost alternative for you.

Pricing and plans

A2hosting offers 4 different types of plans and each plan have different features and price range.

  • Shared Hosting Plan: This plan works best for those who wish to host their personal blog or website. It has been optimized to work with WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. It offers high speed, user-friendliness, and free website migration. It costs Rs. 220.47/month.
  • Reseller Hosting Plan: This plan works best for those who wish to host their own customers’ blogs or websites. It is fully white-labeled and offers a world-class WHM control panel and an advanced billing system option. It costs Rs. 1400.24/month.
  • VPS Hosting Plan: The VPS hosting plan is a more powerful plan than the shared hosting plan as it offers even greater speed, free website migration, and several other advanced developer features. It is suggested to be used by professionals rather than amateurs. It costs Rs. 367.94/month.
  • Dedicated Hosting Plan: The Dedicated hosting plan is best suited for those who have more intensive business needs. This plan allows the user to customize their server’s resources, choose management level, and enjoy amazing features such as complete isolation and free website migration. It costs Rs. 7343.46/month.

Best features of A2hosting

  1. A2hosting assures high-speed performance; it uses turbo servers that generate up to 20 times more speed than your conventional hosting service provider.
  2. A2hosting is well received by people all around due to its amazing customer support team that is available 24/7/365.
  3. A2hosting is the best budget-friendly hosting service provider as its hosting costs and the features that each plan comes with are cost-effective.

#3- Kamatera

Are you tired of opting for plans and packages? Are you looking for something more customized to suit your needs? Then opt for Kamatera cloud hosting.

Kamatera cloud hosting offers instant scaling and hence it is very easy to manage and monitor. Hence Kamatera is a very unique cloud hosting service where the user is given maximum control over cloud hosting. It is emerging as the best cloud hosting provider in India. 

Kamatera Pricing and plans

Kamatera pricing plans are very different from the pricing plans of regular cloud hosting service. Kamatera offers pricing plans at a bare minimum of USD 4/month and allows users to construct their server, based on their specifications. Hence, Kamatera is one of the most transparent cloud hosting service providers as completely displays the price of one’s cloud infrastructure.

Best features of Kamatera

  1. Kamatera offers users instant scaling. Hence users can choose to increase and decrease their server capacity. It also allows users to manage CPU, RAM, disk storage, firewalls, and other hardware components.
  2. Kamatera hosting offers users 99.95% uptime. It has high reliability and availability compared to traditional cloud web hosting services.
  3. It offers users greater control over cloud servers, thus allowing them to configure, scale, and perform so much more. If the user is inexperienced, they can opt for a fully managed cloud service wherein cloud experts take care of the user’s cloud hosting needs.

#4- Chemicloud

Chemicloud cloud hosting is one of the best cloud hosting service providers.

It is fast, secure, and reliable.

What’s more?

Chemicloud offers the best in class customer service. It is user friendly and the pricing plans are transparent. Plus, it offers users a free domain name for life.

Pricing and plans

Chemicloud offers its users 3 shared hosting plans to choose from:

  • Starter plan: The starter plan costs USD 3.95/month. It offers users one domain name, 15 GB of storage space, and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Pro plan: The pro plan costs USD 6.95/month. It offers users 25 GB storage space and unmetered bandwidth; apart from other advanced features.
  • Turbo plan: The turbo plan costs USD 10.95/month. It offers users 35 GB of storage space and unlimited bandwidth and domain names. It offers 3 times more server resources and more amazing features.

Best features of Chemicloud

  1. Chemicloud hosting offers users 24/7 world-class customer support. Hence users can get skilled and timely support from hosting experts.
  2. Chemicloud hosting offers users fast loading thanks to low-density servers, multiple server locations, and state of the art technology such as LiteSpeed Caching, HTTP/2, PHP 7, and free CDN.
  3. Chemicloud hosting offers users hassle-free migration. It is possible to transfer an entire website in less than an hour, free of charge, and with no downtime.

#5- Liquid Web

Liquid Web HostingLiquid Web is one of the top cloud hosting service providers available. It has more than 22 years of experience in serving the cloud hosting requirements of customers all over the world. It has more than 45,000 customers all over the world and manages more than 500,000 websites.

It is best suited for growing businesses and aims to power your business potential. It is also one of the perfect choices for complete cloud hosting solutions.

Pricing and plans

Liquid Web cloud hosts offers its users 3 public hosting plans to choose from:

  • Standard cloud hosting plan: The standard cloud hosting plan costs USD 265/month. It offers users 960 GB of storage space and 10 TB bandwidth. It is apt for growing websites.
  • Professional cloud hosting plan: The professional cloud hosting plan costs USD 510/month. It is the ideal plan if you wish to take an already established business website to the next level.
  • Premier cloud hosting plan: The premier cloud hosting plan costs USD 1105/month. It offers users 1440 GB storage space and 10 TB bandwidth. This plan is a high-performance plan that is suitable for larger websites.

Best features of Liquid Web

  1. Liquid Web cloud hosting utilizes a highly-skilled, responsive, and dedicated team to monitor your servers and optimize performance. The technical team is available 24/7/365 to provide customer support.
  2. Liquid Web uses state of the art security to identify and block cyber threat activities. It utilizes the most advanced network protection technology and host protection technology.
  3. Liquid Web utilizes a team of specialists to systematically migrate your website all for free of charge.

#6 – DreamHost

DreamHost is a cloud hosting service provider that is based in California. With more than 20 years of experience in web hosting, DreamHost is one of the most skilled and reliable in what it does. DreamHost is user friendly, has a lot of amazing features, and is very secure.

 The ideal choice if you are looking for the best Cloud Web Hosting Services.

Pricing and plans

DreamHost cloud hosting offers customers 3 different hosting plans to choose from:

  • Shared Starter cloud hosting plan: The shared starter cloud hosting plan costs USD 4.95/month. It offers users fast SSD storage, pre-installed WordPress, free SSL certificate, unlimited traffic, and unmetered bandwidth; all for one website.
  • DreamPress cloud hosting plan: The DreamPress cloud hosting plan costs USD 12/month. It offers users 30 GB SSD storage, pre-installed WordPress, pre-installed SSL certificate, traffic of 100K monthly visitors, and unmetered bandwidth. This plan is specifically suited for WordPress websites.
  • VPS hosting plan: The VPS hosting plan costs USD 15/month. It offers users 30 GB of SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited traffic, free SSL certificate, and 1 click install WordPress. This plan is suitable for multiple new and small websites on Virtual Private Servers.

Best features of DreamHost

  1. DreamHost provides users with a custom control panel that allows users to easily update domain information, adjust email settings, and manage other DreamHost products.
  2. DreamHost offers its users 100 percent uptime; all thanks to multiple datacenter locations, redundant cooling, backup generators, and constant surveillance.
  3. DreamHost has an amazing customer support service that is comprised of highly skilled technicians and it also has a very active and knowledgeable community; all of whom can contribute to your queries or issues in cloud hosting.

#7- Hostinger

Hostinger is a web hosting service provider that utilizes state of the art technology to simplify web hosting and make it available and affordable to all. Hostinger Cloud Web Hosting has data centers in 8 different countries across the globe. It is fast, secure, and reliable.

Pricing and plans

Hostinger cloud hosting offers customers 3 different hosting plans to choose from:

  • Startup cloud hosting plan: The shared starter cloud hosting plan costs INR 500/month. It offers users 100 GB SSD storage, free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, 3 GB RAM speed, and free domain name.
  • Professional cloud hosting plan: The Professional cloud hosting plan costs INR 1099/month. It offers users 140 GB SSD storage, free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, 6 GB RAM speed, 2X speed boost, and free domain name.
  • Cloud Global hosting plan: Powered by Google Cloud, the Cloud Global hosting plan costs INR 3999/month. It offers users 200 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, 16 GB RAM speed, 4X speed boost, and free domain name.

Best features of Hostinger

  1. Hostinger offers its users top-class performance; all thanks to its innovative control panel, top-level data backups, 99.9% uptime, superior speed, and dedicated IP.
  2. Hostinger has an amazing collection of resources which include tutorials, frequently asked questions, and 24/7 customer support services to help users clarify queries or problems with cloud hosting.
  3. In case users are not satisfied with Hostinger or perhaps they wish to test it before buying into the idea, they can opt for the 30 days money-back guarantee and make their decision based on their 30 days experience.

#8 – Inmotion

inmotion hostingInmotion is a web hosting service provider that provides premium web hosting facilities with year-round 24/7 customer support, almost nil downtime, and budget-friendly pricing plans.

Inmotion is the ideal cloud web hosting services for small business owners or freelance web developers. It is fast, reliable, and secure to host a business website.

Pricing and plans

Inmotion cloud hosting offers customers 3 different hosting plans to choose from. But users need to subscribe for an entire year or two years, and the bill can be paid every month.

  • Launch shared hosting plan: The Launch hosting plan costs USD 6.99/month. It offers users 50 GB of SSD storage, a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, 3X performance and speed, and advanced marketing tools.
  • Power shared hosting plan: The Power hosting plan costs USD 9.99/month. It offers users 100 GB SSD storage, free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, 4X performance and speed, security suite, and free domain name.
  • Pro shared hosting plan: The Pro hosting plan costs USD 15.99/month. It offers users 200 GB SSD storage, free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, 6X performance and speed, security suite, pro support services, and free domain name.

Best features of Inmotion

  1. Inmotion offers its users top-class security; all thanks to its spam experts, safe application roll-back, backup manager, SSH access, free SSL certificate, and hack & malware protection.
  2. Inmotion guarantees the best in class performance by offering users free SSD storage, PHP 7 support, a user-friendly control panel, and year-round 24/7 customer support.
  3. Inmotion is very convenient as it makes available to users easy Google Apps integration, free zero-downtime website migration, free website builder, and one-click installation of 400 plus apps.

#9 – Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting is a cloud hosting service provider that has 11 years of experience. It has powered 700,000 websites of customers across more than 120 countries. Scala Hosting is sought after by customers for its user-friendliness, affordable plans, and advanced security. 

It is one among the highly loved cloud hosting service providers.

Pricing and plans

Scala Hosting offers its users 4 different cloud hosting plans to choose from:

  • Start a hosting plan: The Start hosting plan costs USD 9.95/month. It offers users 20 GB SSD storage, a speed of 2 GB RAM and is powered by 1 CPU core. It is best suited for startup businesses.
  • Advanced hosting plan: The Advanced hosting plan costs USD 21.95/month. It offers users 30 GB SSD storage, a speed of 4 GB RAM and is powered by 2 CPU core. It comes with more advanced functions.
  • Business hosting plan: The Business hosting plan costs USD 41.95/month. It offers users 50 GB SSD storage, a speed of 6 GB RAM and is powered by a 4 CPU core. It is best suited for established businesses.
  • Enterprise hosting plan: The Enterprise hosting plan costs USD 63.95/month. It offers users 80 GB SSD storage, a speed of 8 GB RAM and is powered by a 6 CPU core. It is best suited for managing multiple business websites.

Best features of Scala Hosting

  1. Scala Hosting is one of the most innovative cloud hosting service providers because it employs its very own SPanel VPS Control Panel to better manage its facilities and SShield Cybersecurity to provide world-class cybersecurity.
  2. Scala Hosting utilizes the SWordPress Manager to manage WordPress much easier; from cloning to staging and from backing-up to restoring your website, SWordPress helps perform it all effortlessly.
  3. Scala Hosting allows users to very easily perform site migration in 3 simple steps and all for free, guaranteeing zero downtime during the process.


In a nutshell, the Cloud server providers offer the best in class security, speed, and performance. Plus it has a very low downtime. Cloud Hosting is very budget-friendly and offers amazing benefits at a reasonable, cost-effective price.

Why choose one risky server that you have little control over when cloud hosting offers you multiple contingency servers and more control over site operations?

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