A2 Hosting Turbo Boost Plan – Is it Worth the Price?

Undoubtedly A2 Hosting offers some fine-quality hosting solutions to users. Especially, there is a plan called Turbo Boost in A2 Hosting which is one of the most popular yet highest-selling A2 hosting plans. In this blog post, let’s discuss the A2 Hosting Turbo Boost Plan in a little in-depth and I will conclude whether the A2 hosting Turbo Boost Plan is worth the price you spent or not.

A2 Hosting Turbo Boost Plan

Turbo Boost is one of the plans of A2 hosting shared web hosting plans. 

The special and unique thing about the A2 hosting Turbo Boost plan is that it uses Turbo Servers. So, obviously, you will get more power over your blogs and websites.

Compared with the other two A2 shared web hosting plans Startup and Drive, the Turbo boost plan offers you 20 times faster performance.

A2 Hosting Turbo Boost plan is a better choice for bloggers and web owners who want to host an unlimited number of websites with powerful hosting resources for better performance. 

During your initial phase, you can start with either Startup or Drive A2 hosting shared web hosting plans, when your blog starts getting a good amount of traffic, then you can switch your plan to Turbo Boost to avail an unlimited number of features.

A2 Hosting Turbo Boost Plan Turbo Features

a2 hosting turbo hosting solution

Key features like unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited Transfer, Support, Free SSL certificate, and growth features like Unlimited databases and unlimited website hosting are a part of Startup and Drive A2 shared web hosting plans respectively.

So, what is special about Turbo Boost Plan?

Of course, the unique turbo features are only offered to Turbo Boost plan users. Here are the Turbo features.

  • Up to 20 times faster page loads compared to the other two shared hosting plans
  • Possibilities of higher SEO rankings
  • Turbo plan can handle up to 9 times more traffic
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Comes with LiteSpeed speed enhanced web server
  • Turbo cache
  • Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage

So, these are some of the powerful Turbo features you can avail yourself of with your A2 Hosting Turbo boost plan purchase.

A2 Hosting Turbo Boost Plan and Pricing

At the usual time, you will get up to 66% off on your A2 hosting turbo boost plan. During the A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale Offer time, you can possibly avail a discount of up to 80% on your A2 hosting purchase.

So, make use of the coming Black Friday Sale and get maximum savings on your hosting bill.

A2 Hosting Turbo Boost Plan costs you $6.99 per month.

There are three billing agreements you can currently choose either one while purchasing A2 hosting turbo boost plan.

The higher the billing period you choose the more savings you can get. 

When you opt-in for a 3-year A2 hosting Turbo boost plan, the plan costs 6.99 USD per month. If you are enough with a 1-year plan, then it costs you $10.99 per month.

Fortunately, you can also get to pay every month which costs $15.99. Compared between a one-month and 3 years billing contract, for a one-month plan, you have to pay 9 extra US dollars each month which is damn high.

So, better go with either 3 years or 1-year plan instead of trying a one-month plan.

A2 Hosting Turbo Boost Plan vs Startup Plan (Some Testing Reports)

A2 Turbo boost plan is better in all the tests comparatively with A2 hosting shared web hosting Startup plan. As promised, the company managed to offer such powerful resources.

I have gone through some real-time testing reports over the internet and here are the numbers.

Full Page Load Time

The average full page load time of a website hosted in the Startup A2 hosting plan took around 8.69 seconds whereas the Turbo Boost plan managed to load a full website in just 5.51 seconds.


A2 hosting stats

No big difference in results while uptime monitoring. The startup plan gives a result of 99.98% uptime while Turbo boost ends up with 99.99% uptime. There is only a 0.1% difference. No matter what plan you choose, uptime is better at A2 hosting.

Average response time is also good in the Turbo plan compared to the Startup and Drive plan

So, overall Turbo plan stands out and offers some powerful yet more resources that can help your blogs and websites perform well in search engines.

Turbo Boost plan is not the maximum powered shared hosting plan in A2 hosting, there is even one other plan available called Turbo Max that offers more features and resources than the Turbo Boost plan. But, the plan costs you almost double the price compared to A2 hosting turbo boost shared web hosting plan.

Is A2 Hosting Turbo Boost Plan Worth the Price? (Conclusion)

A2 Hosting Turbo boost plan is undoubtedly worth the money you spend. Still, here are some of my clarifications on this final portion.

If you are just starting out and very new to blogging, go with the A2 hosting startup plan initially as it costs 2.99$ per month when you opt for 3 years of billing. Later, switch to the Turbo Boost plan if you want to handle a good amount of web traffic.

If you do not want to try A2 hosting initially, then go with some alternatives. In the line-up, BlueHost is the best competitor to A2.

If you are starting a website for your business, then A2 hosting Turbo boost plan might be your good choice. As you are running business websites, you may need a hosting solution with some extra features to run your websites on a smoother note.

If you want to trial the service and features, firstly, sign up for A2 hosting Turbo boost plan one-month billing. If you are fully satisfied with your first month, change your billing period either to 12 months or 36 months terms for some significant savings.

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