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Web Hosting is the way to provide storage space for any website. Any webpage you have on the internet must need a storage space to store all kind of data to be delivered to your audience.

As its pretty much evident other would not be able to access your website from your local drive so web hosting is a platform for it.

There are several hosting providers and packages in the market, you need to opt for a web hosting that suit your needs and the kind of website you have on the internet. And for that you need to pay to the hosting provider, just as we rent a house.

There are several types of hosting for all the individual needs. 

Shared Hosting – Best suitable for new websites

VPS Hosting – It is just ahead of the share hosting. And perfectly suitable for the grown and growing website, to sever better to the readers.

WordPress Hosting – Best to choose if you have a website on WordPress CMS.

Dedicated Hosting – It is the most high level of hosting type. Which are required for a very high traffic websites and with huge resources on it. 

Cloud Hosting – Cloud Hosting is pretty much new than the rest with highly integrated technology. You will be provided several remote servers for your website just as a backup. That means if any of your server fails, other servers will always be there to rescue and serve the reader with content. 

Reseller Hosting – As the name implies, this is a fair option to choose if your want to sell the hosting service to several other website owners. In simple, you are buying a reselling hosting account and selling the same to your clients on whatever price you want to do. As you will be paying the hosting provider on the whole sale prices.

Bandwidth can be symbolized as data transfer in simple words. That mean the servers allows a specific amount of data to be transferred through your website. It completely relies on the hosting package you choose, the bigger you will be allowed more. And if you have a Unlimited bandwidth plan, that mean hosting provider will not set any cap the data to be transferred.

The higher the traffic or people come to your website, it consumes more bandwidth.

Well, it completely requires on the required and kind of the website your have. In short,
Shared Hosting –  are the most cost-effective and affordable plans and suitable for any new websites.
VPS Hosting —  A website which is strted getting huge amount of traffic and the shared servers can not handle any more, then certainly you need to switch to VPS hosting.
WordPress Hosting – If you have a website on WordPress, then you should go with WordPress Hosting with respect of what even plan you opt into it depends on the website size and web traffic expectations. WordPress Hosting Plans are especially designed for WordPress Websites hence that’s the ideal one to choose.
Dedicated Hosting –  Website is grown up already, and started receiving huge amount of web traffic, then you must switch to Dedicated servers. As you don’t want to share your server with others hence the loading time increases and traffic too grows eventually.
Of Course VPS Hosting Plans are a way head and makes the website load faster than compared to Shared Hosting
And the reason is simple that shared servers are shared between plenty of  other publishers as well just like you. That mean one server is being shared into multiple accounts and your visitor have to be in queue to view your webpages. Which is not the case with the VPS Hosting.
Though, shared hosting plans are not that slower as it might sounds, but certainly VPS Hosting plan si a way better. If you have a small site with low visitors or a decent amount of foot prints keep coming, then a shared hosting server could handle it. Which choosing the hosting you most check the details on the hosting provider website.

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